Sunday, January 28, 2018

Far-Right Attacks on Antifascist Protesters Appear Premeditated

When ARC wrote about the events that took place at both Nathan Phillips and Mel Lastman squares in Toronto yesterday, those that occurred at Mel Lastman Square appear to have been where most of the action occurred. PEGIDA, Northern Guard, III% militia, and Proud Boys were outnumbered significantly and were prevented from marching. While members of PEGIDA Canada were disappointed, it would appear that Northern Guard, the Threepers, and Proud Boys were very pleased because their motivations were different.

They were there specifically to assault counter-protesters.

In focusing on Northern Guard Toronto chapter leader Lee Down's video indicating that he had brought along a concealed weapon as well as his posts on his Facebook profile urging supporters to assault "liberals" and to burn down the homes of Trudeau supporters, I only very briefly discussed this post by a participant:

Since I was quite busy with things going on outside the blog (my detractors will no doubt be skeptical that I have a life outside the blog) I didn't actually click on "Bain Scott's" profile:

However upon receiving subsequent information I decided to give the guy a once over. Turns out he is someone ARC has discussed on the blog before:

Of course he didn't go by the name "Scott Bain" when ARC was first introduced to him. Then he was going by the name Shawn McBeath, though he did also use the moniker "Shawn Isgone" as well:

ARC was first introduced to McBeath on April 1, 2017 when as a member of the Soldiers of Odin he attended an anti-Muslim protest. He also was caught on video assaulting a counter-protester:

The next month he participated in another event, this time decked out in body armor and sporting Threeper iconography. At that protest McBeath can be seen in a video harassing journalist Kevin Metcalf prior to Metcalf being assaulted by JDL members and others anti-Muslim protesters:

Individuals were charged with assault the following month:

When ARC examined McBeath at the time my concern was, since he seemed to be able to act with impunity by the police, that he might attend future events armed. This concern was in part due to what was found on his Facebook profile:

That concern appears to have been justified based on posts made by McBeath (posting as "Scott Bain") and Tim Kelly of the Proud Boys on both the national and Ontario Northern Guard Facebook group pages:

The Proud Boys, Threepers, and now the Northern Guard often claim that their violence is in fact a reaction to real or perceived threats from the antifascists. However the other posts prove that this is a contrived justification as they brag about bringing weapons and singling out people to assault:

"Flagpole worked great," eh?

Not even very subtle.

Braying jackass Proud Boy member Tim Kelly further confirms that the flagpoles were always intended to be used as weapons:

Better defensive weaponry?

Well then....

And if there was any lingering doubts about the intent of the Threepers, Northern Guard, or the Proud Boys, Shawn McBeath seems to put those doubts to rest:

Soooo, will the Toronto Police Service.... I don't know.... maybe consider doing something about people dressed in body armor and carrying weapons, both visible and concealed?
I'm going to come out and write that for some reason I have doubts:

Not sure why this is so blurry, but I think you get the point
Should the TPS not crack down on people carrying weapons, both concealed or otherwise, they will bare the responsibility for that decision as these hate groups continue to escalate their level of violence.

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