Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Ronny Cameron Off The Rails: Part 2

On the same day Ronny Cameron attacked Generation Identity Canada (now rebranded as ID Canada) "leader" Tyler Hover, Cameron also attacked another person who he seems to believed had wronged him:

Ronny claims this Amanda has made a baseless claim suggesting he is a white nationalist which is RIDICULOUS since, as Ronny himself said in his missive directed at Hover, white nationalism is synonymous with white supremacy and is a cowardly ideology.

Yeah, you're going to want to remember that for future reference.

In any case, Amanda apparently is a classic liberal, a concept that neither Ronny nor his supporters seem to comprehend:

In essence, Ronny is angry that Amanda won't debate him, something that is rather succinctly stated by one of the people posting in the thread later who rightfully called out Ronny as being a child:

The following is the discussion that was precipitated by Ronny's attack. It was as fun to watch, if not more so, than Ronny going off on Hover. As with the first in this series I might come back to make some pithy observations, but I think that it stands very well on it's own:

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