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Monday, April 01, 2019

More Information on Soldier of Odin Member Taken Into Custody After Assault Saturday; Member of Calgary Chapter With Overtly Racist Leader

It turns out that the rally that WCAI's Joey Deluca billed as a 72 hour extravaganza lasted perhaps a total of four hours over three days and except for the last rally when they purposely hid until most of the 250 - 300 counter-protesters had left were vastly outnumbered:

So.... I guess that happened:

In total the boneheads could muster 30 - 40 people from multiple cities and provinces which if one were to ask me was a rather sad display. Still, there was one incident when they did outnumber the counter-protesters that needs to be discussed:

One member of the Nouns of Odin was taken into custody for assaulting a counter-protester, however he wasn't the only one who had been involved:

Getting back to the SoO member taken into custody, our friends in Edmonton figured out who he was in short order:

Meet Steve Lane:

Lane was the fella in the video Dubois posted holding the Canadian and Finnish flag while proudly proclaiming the SoO chapter he was a member of was "Finland approved":

Now this is significant since as ARC has mentioned numerous times the original Finnish chapter of the SoO was founded by a neo-Nazi with numerous arrests for targeted racial assaults. The connection to this Finnish chapter is what ultimately resulted in the collapse of the SoO as a national gang despite a later effort to disassociate themselves from Finland with only regional or city chapters remaining, including the one that Lane is a member of.

And what chapter would that be?

Back in April 2018, ARC discussed the Calgary chapter, paying particular attention to Dale Caldwell who is second on the right in the photo below:

In the article, ARC provided proof that the Caldwell, chapter president of the Calgary SoO....

.... is a neo-Nazi:

Spoiler: Dale wasn't a fan of ARC's article:

Back to Lane, it seems that he is someone eager to engage in violence based on his posts on Facebook:

Truth be told though, it seems that Lane wasn't the only one who was itching for a fight:

Since the rally, Edmonton Against Fascism has been doing a fantastic job of identifying the members of the hate groups, primarily SoO and Northern Guard, who participated in the rally in general and the assault specifically:

I think it appropriate end this article by sharing their hard work with ARC readers:

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