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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Tyson Hunt of The Clann Recruits People To Assault Anti-Fascist Counter-Protesters.... on Kijiji

So the mantra of the right is that it is "antifa" who are violent and they are victims who are only defending themselves. Aside from the fact at being an anti-fascist is the default for decent human beings, this claim has been proven false time and time and time again.

It doesn't stop them from making it even when it is proven to be a lie.

Which is why this Kijiji ad (I'm not kidding) posted by Tyson Hunt is especially interesting:

Yeah... anti-fascists are the violent ones:

Then again, Hunt is a lot of bark, but not a lot of bite:

Fact is despite their bravado, the far-right know how effective counter-protesters are and are afraid of them:

Consider this to be your warm and fuzzies of the evening.

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