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Monday, April 08, 2019

Faith Goldy, Kevin Goudreau, and Hate Groups Including Soldiers of Odin Banned From Facebook

I've worked at the same job for close to 20 years and I really do love it. However there are drawbacks.

On the one hand, my employment allows me to pay my mortgage. To buy a new car when the old one's motor explodes in the middle of rural Manitoba. To go on trips to places like Nepal, Tunisia, and Portugal.

On the other hand, it prevents me from jumping on the blog right away to bring ARC's readers good news like this:

White nationalists Faith Goldy and Kevin Goudreau have been banned from both Facebook and Instagram, though I'm not sure if "No Show" was on Instagram. Hate groups that have been banned include several of the Nouns of Odin and at least one group tied to the Clann.

Suffice it to say the crying and gnashing of teeth has been amusing:

Got to say though that retweeting complaints about "Zionists" doesn't help your claim of not being a white nationalist with a penchant for dabbling in anti-semitic tropes:

The news was also discussed today in Parliament:

Now what should be humiliating for Goldy is that she is spoken of in the same breath of Kevin "No Show" Goudreau who also had a brief comment posted to Twitter:

Not sure I would consider Paulie to be especially wise considering the leaky sieve of intel he's been for ARC for over a decade, but hey, you do you Kevin.

In addition to these two, a few groups have been banned including the Nouns of Odin (Soldiers, Wolves, etc) and at least one group linked to Ryan Dean's Clann.

Now this is a good first step, but it is a first step. There are other hate groups that are still active that I would ask to help take down. These include:
  • The Worldwide Coalition Against Islam and all their provincial chapters.
  • Northern Guard and provincial chapters.
  • La Meute 
  • Atalante
  • Yellow Vest Canada and provincial/city chapters in Canada
  • Travis Parton's Canadian Nationalist Party
  • Individuals including Lauren Southern and Paul Fromm

I will also leave these here without comment:

In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy a beer.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if this was the stroke that cuts the thin tread of Goudreau's sanity. Will be watching for an overt physical aggression from him in the near future. Hopefully he doesn't survive it, or take anyone else with him.

Jackie Blue said...

Oh, Scheer is more than just "associated" with Deplorebel Media ilk. We see you, Hamish Marshall. Say his name. Hamish. Marshall.

Now it's time for Twitter to kick off ALL these Nazi sympathizers and for YouTube to ban Ezra's two-minute-hate network once and for all.