Sunday, April 15, 2018

Calgary Soldier of Odin Leader Posts Antisemitic Memes and Linked to Overt Racists

It's interesting what one finds when one turns over a few stone.

Now it isn't entirely surprising that members of the Calgary Soldiers of Odin would be present. Though the hate group no longer exists as a national organization, there are still remnants in some cities in the country including Calgary. Truth be told, I haven't been focusing on them all that much lately however one person who participated in both the Artur Pawlowski organized "conference" on April 13 and City Hall rally on April 14 did catch my attention:

Dale Caldwell is a leader in the Calgary Soldiers of Odin group. He both created and acts as one of the two administrators for the Calgary SoO Facebook group:

In the group, one can find the usual sort of posts one would expect to find in an anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, and anti-government hate group:

"Elvis SoO" with Sandra Solomon and Jesse Wielenga in background
The Calgary SoO also has a pre-existing relationship with Sandra Solomon:

Caldwell has two Facebook profiles. The first is mostly closed down but does contain some interesting content:

However his second profile is even more interesting:

The screen shot above was added yesterday and indicates that Caldwell participated in the protest at City Hall on April 14. Other screenshots found on this profile are what one might expect to find on a member of the SoO's social media profile:

But then there are also these that are found on his profile as well:

As interesting as this all might be, it turns out that Caldwell as a third social media profile. This one is found on the rather notorious Russian VK platform which has become a refuge for racists and antisemites driven from Facebook. Here Caldwell dispenses with any pretenses and goes full Nazi:

The Russian language groups he is a member of are all pornography based, but the English language groups are pretty clear in their ideological bent.

And the photos he posts? Some are of himself in SoO gear and of SoO iconography....

.... however his other photos are not at all subtle:

As for his VK friends, well....

ARC has highlighted the connection between the SoO and overt racist groups time and time again on this blog.

Despite the SoO constantly claiming that they are being maligned and that they remove known racists from their group, nothing has changed.

APRIL 16, 2018 UPDATE: Looks like Caldwell noticed the article. He has removed the antisemitic memes from his VK profile and added a new profile picture (one from his participation in the April 14 rally at Calgary City Hall). He did however keep his both his racist and pornography groups:

Nice try, but this is sort of like closing the barn door after the horses have escaped. 

APRIL 17, 2018 UPDATE: Caldwell posted another photo on VK directed at lil' ol' me:

Uhm.... yeah. I thought the fact that I had written an entire article focused on you would have made that clear already.

You aren't the sharpest knife in the drawer are you Dale?

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