Saturday, April 14, 2018

April 14, 2018 Calgary Counter-Protest At City Hall a Success

This was the day that Artur Pawlowski and his Street Church members as well as folks like Steven "Four Names" Myatt, Sandra Solomon, members of the Canadian Combat Coalition, Joey Deluca and Worldwide Coalition Against Islam members, Soldiers of Odin, Alberta Northern Guard members, Kevin "Poodle" Johnston, Bill Whatcott, Larry Heather, apparently Devon Mannix, and other anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant xenophobes were to protest at Calgary City Hall.

They did.... but they had some company:

Based on accounts this writer has heard as well as video evidence, it seems that the counter-protesters outnumbered the xenophobes who were using the pretext of a "Christian love" rally to rail against the government, Muslims, and refugees. Estimates for the counter-protest run between 150 and 200 while  the xenophobes are estimated to have been around 75. The response to the xenophobes' presence was peaceful, though Pawlowski needed to continue to try to convince his people that they were being oppressed by horrible anti-Christian tyrants:

Yeah, the Raging Grannies certainly are a frightening group to behold.

Anti-homosexual, anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-First Nations, perennial candidate for office Larry Heather took some video in the other side:

The night prior, Pawlowski and other spoke at the "conference" he had organized:

I've cut together four of the speakers, Sandra Solomon (introduced by Joey Deluca of WCAI), Rob Anders, Kevin "Poodle" Johnston, and Bill Whatcott if anyone is interested:

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