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More Evidence Linking Faith Goldy to Overt Antisemitic and Racist Groups

Back on August 25, ARC published a story about this guy:

Lukas Danford from Barrie, ON was the only person to show up for "No Show" Goudreau's September 30, 2017 rally in Peterborough:

At the time no one knew his name, but it turned out that he had participated on the leaked Discord chats under the moniker "Tarnfurt." He appeared to be active exclusively on the #tradworker server and had expressed interest in establishing a Canadian chapter of the racist Traditionalist Worker Party which was founded by Matthew Heimbach.

When this information was published, I wasn't sure if we would cross paths with Danford again. It seems though that he is even more interesting than I had once thought because of whom a reader was able to connect him to:

On July 3, Faith Goldy organized an anti-immigrant protest in Quebec at Roxham Road. The main focus of the article had been on Ronny Cameron seeming to fully embrace the antisemitic, white supremacist, path based in large part on his video commentary of the event (this has been definitively  borne out since the video was published), however a reader who looked through the video noticed another familiar face:

Lukas Danford was at the Roxham Road protest.

This is where things become more interesting:

The same reader who noticed Danford in Cameron's video also found this 4chan discussion of Faith Goldy. It appears to be comprised mainly of misogynistic, alt-right, incel cretins.

In other words....

One user however stood out from the rest because he could be identified:

User "JLf5DF+z" is also Lukas Danford who later goes on to describe his meeting with Goldy at the Roxham Road protest:

Note ARC didn't put the swazi on Danford's blacked-out face. Nope, he did that himself.

(I also see Georges Massaad's gf Leigh "Stewy" Stewart in the background wearing the Blue Jays cap. Hi Leigh!).

Because it is 4chan, a lot of the exchanges between Danford and the other users were as icky as you would anticipate:

There were some posts that were more substantive and seem to provide information that as a mayoral candidate Ms. Goldy has been trying to suppress as she tries to appeal to a wider demographic:

The Northfront Nationalists are an overt neo-Nazi group that, while small, are active in Canada:

Thus far the only flyering campaign that the Northfront Nationalists have engaged in has been that I am aware of currently in Danford's home town of Barrie:

That Goldy would ask Danford and the neo-Nazi Northfront Nationalists to reach out to Students For Western Civilization isn't at all surprising considering her links to the hate group:

There had been some suggetion that George Hutcheson and Goldy might be an item and are engaged; Danford suggests that nuptials are in Ms. Goldy's future though he doesn't say with whom:

However based on the information we have Hutcheson and Goldy are not a couple. That.... er.... lucky fella is named Josef Alec Viezner.

As for the second group that Goldy says that Danford and the Northfront Nationalist should get in touch with whose name he can't remember, I'm about 99.99% certain I know what group that is:

Cheers to Montréal-Antifasciste for the fantastic infographic.
We already know that ID Canada (formerly Generation Identity Canada), Students For Western and Civilization are connected through Athan "Date" Zafirov who was a frequent guest on "This Hour Has 88 Minutes": 

"Alt-Right Montreal" was the Montreal Generation Identity/ID Canada chapter.

We also know that ID Canada is one of the entities behind Goldy's mayoral campaign:

H/T Spartacus
Danford continued to discuss his encounter with Goldy. In one response he suggests she follows Ronny Cameron's videos and that if she's drinking she's more open about her views than she is in public:

Another post briefly discussed the demographics of Goldy's Roxham Road protest:

Finally, Danford gives a half-hearted defense of Goldy who is not yet barefooted and pregnant:

It is important to take what Lukas Danford claims with a grain of salt, but many of the preceding posts, especially those concerning Students For Western Civilization and the hate group I believe is ID Canada, seem to conform to what we all already know about Goldy.

My dear Lukas Danford, I believe that pill may very wall have already been swallowed.

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