Monday, September 17, 2018

More Evidence Linking Faith Goldy's Mayoral Campaign to Hate Groups ID Canada and Students For Western Civilization

First, absolute full credit to the folks at Sudbury Against Fascism and which ever activist worked on gathering the information concerning Liam H! Their fantastic work, detailed here and which I'm replicating on ARC, has resulted us all learning a little more about the relationship between ID Canada, Students For Western Civilization, and Faith Goldy:

Meet Liam H., a.k.a. "CarloNord", a.k.a. "CarlotheNord" across a number of social networking sites including POF, though most of the screen shots used come from where he is quite a prolific user. Liam, whose last name we don't yet know but I'm sure we will eventually, is the head of Sudbury's ID Canada chapter:

How active a member is Liam? A while back, Generation Identity Canada (which was re-branded as ID Canada) engaged in a postering campaigns in Sudbury, including the one detailed here:

Liam was very proud to taken credit for at least one of these efforts....

.... and is strongly suspected of having been involved in postering for the Northfront Nationalists, which he appears to refer to here as Nordfront:

It is here that things become even more interesting.

In a previous article featuring Lukas Danford, ARC posted a screen shot of his encounter with Faith Goldy at her Roxham Road protest in Quebec. During that encounter when asked what group he was with, Danford said he was at least peripherally associated with the Northfront Nationalists. He then claims that she would like the Northfront Nationalists to get in contact with both Students For Western Civilization as well as a second group whose name Danford couldn't remember:

I had speculated that other group was most likely ID Canada considering her own promotion of the hate group, including something we missed until now:

This is in reference to the ID Canada banner drop that took place in Toronto on August 11 (a number of those who participated have been identified). It had also become abundantly clear that ID Canada was one of the groups behind her campaign:

Liam confirms in a post made on August 17 that both ID Canada and Students For Western Civilization are indeed working on Goldy's campaign:

So, what kind of people are behind Goldy's mayoral run?

Here is the head of the Sudbury chapter of ID Canada speaking about the "JQ":

In other words, being an antisemite is absolutely fine, but members are not to broadcast this particular view because of the bad optics. Considering the number of antisemites I've found in ID Canada, this view seems more of a feature than a bug. Liam himself certainly fits that mold quite comfortably:

As for his views on race, well....

And as the folks at Sudbury Against Fascism have noted, there's a lot more where that came from.

I wonder how Meir Weinstein of the JDL can square his support for a candidate like Goldy who works with antisemitic hate groups?


Anonymous said...

Hey something you might want to look into: possibility of SOO using one or more proxies to recruit and or gain influence at Boyle Street Community Services in Edmonton. Its entirely possible this is utter crap (and i hope it is), but it has been told to me by more than one individual that an ex addict first name Joanna has been putting the feelers out for SOO at BSCS.

Anonymous said...

Just an addendum to my earlier message about Boyle Street Community Services, I was able to peruse the photos on the SOO Edmonton page, at least three recent photos were most certainly taken at BSCS, which correlate with the person I had previously named. This person was taking pictures of clients and staff this past wednesday. So at the very least this person is a supporter of some kind, and this individual did identify herself to me as "far right". This individual is not, I repeat NOT a staff member but a client. I find it a bit creepy tbh.