Saturday, September 08, 2018

PEGIDA Canada Members in Nathan Phillips Square Exploiting 9/11 Tragedy

I didn't post much about it since I didn't want to give them any oxygen, but right now PEGIDA Canada is holding a rally in Toronto's Nathan Phillips Square, ostensibly to memorialize the 2001 9/11 tragedy.... on 9/8 I guess.

In reality, it is a cynical ploy to exploit the tragedy to serve their own purposes. The Canadian Combat Coalition also claimed they would be attending and explicitly stated that they would claim that any counter-protesters who showed up would be disrespecting the dead (as if using the victims to promote Islamophobia is more noble).

PEGIDA really is spent force, if one could ever even consider it to have been much of a force in the first place, in the Canadian far-right. The can only ever manage a handful of individuals and are routinely outnumbered by counter-protesters by as much as 6 to 1. This rally seems initially seemed to be no different.

And fyi, the Tweets are coming from Kosalan Kathir who is reporting from the scene. If you're on the platform please follow him:

UPDATE 1: Well looks like things have gotten a bit more interesting.

Looks like at least one Soldier of Odin and some Northern Guard, Proud Boy, La Meute (UPDATE 3: turns out Kosalan mistook the CCC insignia for the La Meute one), and CCC members in the mix:

Eric Brazau was taken away by the police:

Also sounds like there may be III% militia members, though that isn't certain:

Well THIS is a first:

And now confirmation of the presence of the III% militia:

Currently taking screen shots from CCC member Dunn Ryan Mclean's live feed. It looks like most of the people are the usual suspects, including Charlene O'Farrell and the Hamilton SoO:

A few of the comments:

This is Cory Knowles, by the way.

They began marching with a police escort. Not sure where they are heading though one person (who was uncertain himself) suggested city hall:

Well, this is more of what I've come to expect sadly:

I'm going to take a bit of a break as I have an event I need to attend, however I will be back in a few hours.


So, anything interesting happen while I was away?

If PEGIDA Canada and their fellow far-right supporters thought that they would be welcomed as heroes, it would appear that they were badly mistaken:

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