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Friday, March 09, 2018

Steven Myatt: Leegal Exspirt (Part II)

The ARC Collective has always appreciated and enjoyed the fan mail the blog receives from the readers, and the most recent article on Steven Alexander Foil Eschew Confound Stonewall Gregory Myatt have certainly resulted in quite a number of lovely messages. These are just a few of them:

They seem nice.... though I should add that having polled all of the ARC members (consisting at this point in me, myself, and I) and no ARC member was involved in or would sanction the events in Hamilton which, from this particular writer's perspective, was counter-productive.

But back to Myatt, I hadn't intended on posting any sort of follow-up when I wrote the article on Tuesday since I didn't think it would amount to anything, however then I was totally shocked when Myatt finally announced the results of his trip to the po po:

Yeah, that's not actually a beginning of anything. I suspect the "superior" the person who took your information will at best look like this.....

.... but will more than likely look like this:

Actually, these would be the responses if Myatt was lucky.

All that being said, his followers, while upset with the runaround he claims to have been subjected to, are over the moon:

Oh, a whole team, you say? Because going with a group of nutbars won't make you appear even more unhinged at all.

Now the next day Myatt posted another comment on his latest quixotic effort, I suppose to continue to boost his ego by showing what he believes to be massive support:

Most of those replying did so with some variation of an enthusiastic "yes" followed by their hometown, but there were a few comments that stood out for their own very special reasons:

By today though, Myatt was once again frustrated:

Is it possible that I might be having too much fun watching this all play out?

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