Thursday, May 14, 2009

Aren't You People Getting Tired of Being Wrong?

We received the following soon after posting our last article. We laughed. Hard:

Shane Ruttle runs anti-racistcanada. A better offer might be to take down anti-racistcanada before info about more lefties is posted.

You boys need to start thinking outside the box. No, Shane Ruttle has nothing to do with this blog, but thanks for playing. We've some very lovely parting gifts for you.

Here's the problem. You boneheads have the absolute worst intel. We mean, it really is god awful. As a friend recently noted himself:

How is it that Leftist Watch and their ilk can only ever seem to "dig up" information on Shane and Jason? There are hundreds of us ara-ers out here, so how come the opposition can only find out info about the people who publicly state their names?

And, as the boys and girls at Nazi Watch Canada have noted:

As for us having a breakdown, look at the content of that blog [Leftist Watch]. There is nothing on there that a google search would not bring up. Good job leftist watch, you have great grade 4 level computer skills!
Now, we on the other hand have pretty darn good intel so rather than just talking about people like Paul Fromm (though we do a great deal of that anyways and will continue to do so), we will also talk about his links to people like R.L. who along with Paulie was hanging out with the Aryan Guard during their March 21 rally. By the way R.L., that's a really nice poster of Jerome Iginla on your wall. You do realize that his father is Nigerian, right? Or as long as he's considered to be among the best players in hockey, and certainly the best player on the Flames, you'll consider him an honorary Aryan?

There. That's how you run a tabloidish blog. Don't just go after people who are well known. Hit the people who think they're insignificant enough to be ignored.

Long story short. Leftist Watch Canada is now on ice for the time being, though until they remove their stories Nazi Watch Canada will remain active.

UPDATE: Well that confirmed something that we had long believed, but since R.L. claimed his birth was in 1990 we decided to see what would result from our publishing R.L.'s full identity. Here's a helpful tip: don't lie about your age if you don't want to end up on this blog. Also confirmed? Another Aryan Guard groupie who is too young to shave.


Hiraeth said...

Perhaps the reason we don't run a "tabloidish" blog is because we have better things to do with our time than spending countless hours tracking the pathetic lives of leftists over the internet.

noonespecial200 said...

Do you not remember how we wrote of our full and exciting lives of quilting, stamp collecting and bird watching? You and your kind occupy a mere fraction of our time. Sorry to disappoint.

Anonymous said...

hiraeth... you DO realize that there's a lot of us following your 'lives'. trust us, we KNOW you aren't doing anything better with your time.