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Odds and Ends

First, the comedy. VNN is one of the preeminent "White Nationalist" websites on the Net. Their web forum is frequented by people who make the posters on Stormfront appear lucid and rational by comparison. The VNN posters take a great deal of pride in their vulgarity and their overt calls for violence against minorities and those individuals who oppose them. Among the prominent posters on VNN are Canada's own Tom Winnicki, William White (recently arrested for suggesting the murder of a juror in the Matt Hale case among other things) and site owner Alex Linder.

They're also complete idiots.

Take a look at the following screen shot and try to guess where there's a bit of a problem. Here's a hint: they might have done poorly in geography.

In other news, Richard Warman was able to win a judgment against another racist, an Alberta-based wingnut named William Grosvenor, a man with a very long history of harassing people with whom he finds himself in disagreement. This judgment might have been the biggest yet in terms of monetary value, $50,000.00 in total.

For two years, Edmonton resident William Grosvenor engaged in a virtual campaign of terror against Ottawa human rights lawyer Richard Warman. Grosvenor bombarded the Internet with calls to murder Warman while providing his home address, and links to pictures of him and Google maps on how to get to his home. Combined with this were hundreds of online postings attempting to destroy Warman’s personal and professional reputation.

Now a judge of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice has granted an injunction to put an end to it and has awarded Warman $50,000 in damages for defamation and assault, the latter stemming from Grosvenor’s death threats and incitement to violence. These threats of violence repeatedly called for Warman’s murder, described him as a “Dead Jew walking”, and said: “I AM GOD AND I HAVE A RUGER P-90 AND IT’S BULLETS HAVE YOUR NAME ON THEM FAGBOY WARMAN”. [sic]
In her decision issued 20 October 2008 , Justice Lynn Ratushny found that despite Grosvenor having filed papers saying he intended to defend the civil suit, he never did and was thus deemed to have admitted the allegations against him. Instead of defending the action, the day after being served with the statement of claim on 15 Jan. 2008 , Grosvenor began sending waves of emails to Warman’s personal email address repeating his online threats and libel.

Justice Ratushny described Grosvenor’s defamatory postings as “vicious, profane and extreme”. She found they were made dishonestly and in knowing or reckless disregard for the truth, and said it amounted to “highly reprehensible misconduct”. She went on to note the level of hatred and anger contained in Grosvenor’s threats. Justice Ratushny said Grosvenor’s efforts to target Warman for violence, including repeatedly providing his home address during a two-year period, took them beyond empty threats and meant they had to be taken seriously.

Warman is an Ottawa lawyer who has successfully filed and litigated 14 cases against members of the white supremacist and neo-Nazi movements under the Canadian Human Rights Act provisions prohibiting the spreading of hate propaganda through the Internet.

Responding to the decision, Warman said “I’m hugely relieved that the injunction has been granted and hope this will bring an end to this two-year long nightmare.” He continued, “I wish I had never heard of William Grosvenor, but if someone is going to encourage people to kill me then I’m going to see what I can do to stop them.”

The terms of the injunction granted by Justice Ratushny at paragraph 92 of her judgement reference the submissions of the plaintiff at subparas. 119(c-f). These sub-paragraphs require Grosvenor to issue a complete retraction of the defamatory comments; take all reasonable steps to remove them and his threats from the Internet; prohibit him from publishing further defamatory material or incitement to violence; and also from contacting or communicating with Warman in any way.

The specific terms are:

119(c) granting a mandatory injunction requiring the Defendant Mr. Grosvenor to make a complete public retraction of the defamatory comments;

119(d) granting a mandatory injunction requiring Mr. Grosvenor to make all reasonable efforts to remove from the internet, the entirety of any and all of the internet postings that he has published or caused to be published, and which are defamatory to the Plaintiff, and/or which invade the Plaintiff’s privacy and/or which threaten to harm or kill the Plaintiff and/or contain invitations and encouragements to harm or kill the Plaintiff, whether by using the Plaintiff’s name, nick-name, address, photograph or other means of identity;

119(e) granting a permanent injunction restraining the Defendant Mr. Grosvenor, and/or any other persons acting for the Defendant, from publishing, causing to be published, posting, or reposting on the internet or by any other method or medium, either in Mr. Grosvenor’s own name, under any nick-name, pseudonym or aliases that he now uses, has used, or may use in the future, any words which are defamatory to the Plaintiff, and/or which invade the Plaintiff’s privacy and/or which threaten to harm or kill the Plaintiff and/or contain invitations and encouragements to harm or kill the Plaintiff, whether by using the Plaintiff’s name, nick-name, address, photograph or other means of identity; and prohibiting Mr. Grosvenor from publishing or causing to be published any such words about Mr. Warman, anonymously, or in the name of another person;

199(f) restraining Mr. Grosvenor from contacting or communicating directly or indirectly with Mr. Warman, in any way or by any method;

This judgment has resulted in the predictable crying and gnashing of teeth by Canadian and American bigots. Always fun to watch.

On the Aryan Guard front, others have started to comment on Bill Noble's flagrant contempt for the terms of his parole:

Bill Noble: Conditions of Release for Hate Crime should be enforced

Posted October 10th, 2008 by admin
Keith Francis William Noble was recently convicted of disseminating hate propaganda contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada, (See Prince George Citizen) but appears to be in violation of the terms and conditions of his parole. 

Mr. Justice Glen Parrett rendered the following decision with respect to Mr. Noble's conviction for spreading hate: 

[11] Over the term of the probation order, there will be a prohibition on the accused's [Noble] accessing the Internet, a further prohibition from him having Internet service to his residence, and from being in attendance at any establishment whose primary business is the provision of Internet access to the public. 

[12] There will be a prohibition on possessing any modem or other device that would enable him [Noble] to access the Internet, and there will be a condition permitting police officers or probation officers to allow them to obtain personal subscriber information from any Internet service provider for the purpose of enforcing that prohibition.

The Canadian Anti-racism Education and Research Society demands that the Attorney General of British Columbia, where Mr. Noble was prosecuted and convicted, and the Attorney General of Alberta, where Mr. Noble now resides, investigate Mr. Noble's alleged online activity and prosecute Mr. Noble for violation of the conditions of his parole.

If Mr. Noble is not held to account, the Canadian Anti-racism Education and Research Society fears that it will send a clear message that legal prohibitions against hate propaganda have no weight in Canada and that hate crime will inevitably increase. 

The evidence that Mr Noble appears to be in direct violation of the decision rendered by Mr. Justice Glen Parrett includes the following. 

Mr. Noble used, and appears to be still using, the online alias "Exterminance". The Exterminance alias can be found on Youtube at The Exterminance alias can be seen in use at Screen Shot Number 2 below.

Mr. Noble's recent comments on YouTube can be found at and his login times can be seen at This can be seen at Screen Shot Number 3 below.

Some of Mr. Noble's online "friends" accepted on his Youtube account include members of the notorious racist British National Party. A partial list can be seen at Screen Shot Number 4 below.
Mr. Noble's presence on the racist online discussion group, Stormfront, is captured at Screen Shot Number 5 through 6 below.

Mr. Noble is not timid about his disdain for the terms of his probation and claims that the conviction has no bearing or weight.

Complaints about the continued use of the Internet despite the conditions of Mr. Noble's conditions of parole and Mr. Noble's continuation of involvement in hate groups have been sent to the British Columbia hate crime team and the special Crown Council for hate crime where Mr. Noble was convicted and paroled. However, Mr. Noble has since left the province of British Columbia and now resides near Calgary, Alberta. Crown Council in B.C. responded to these complaints by forwarding the complaints to the Attorney General of Alberta. The Attorney General of Alberta has not responded to these complaints and has taken no action to revoke Mr. Noble's parole.

According to Alan Dutton, Executive Director of the Canadian Anti-racism Education and Research Society, "this situation is intolerable. How can a convicted hate monger continue to disregard the terms of his probation by moving from one province to another. The lack of enforcement action calls into question the worth of Canadian hate crime laws and the administration of justice."

Dutton points out that provincial and federal governments have promised to take hate crime seriously, but have obviously allowed a person like Mr. Noble to fall between the cracks of provincial jurisdiction. 

Sreen Shots (click image to see full size)
Mr. Noble
Bill Noble: Bill Noble
Bill Noble: Bill Noble
Bill Noble: Bill Noble
Bill Noble: Bill Noble
Exterminance Screenshot 1
Exterminance Screenshot 2
Noble responds to this article on Stormfront:

"By moving from one province to another"? Obviously not an issue, as I was abducted from Alberta numerous times and was illegally confined in British Columbia each of those times. This Dutton character obviously hasn't done any research. The court files will show that I'm not even named in the charges.

So Noble is still using the detaxer argument as a defense. Noble explains his rationale on Facebook:

We're thinking that Noble will soon see the folly violating the terms of his release. Oh, who are we kidding? No he wont. Noble wants to be a martyr and his upcoming arrest will just afford him that opportnity.

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Anonymous said...

Finally someone's taking Noble to task. We'll see what the response is. I wonder if it would help if a few people/organizations lodged similar complaints. I'd be happy to send something off to whoever I need to. I get as much entertainment from the guy as the next person, but would really like to see what happens if he gets some kind of legal smackdown yet again.

One thing that makes me scratch my head is how these people continue to be told they're wrong and misguided (at the very least) at every turn, but still believe they're right and persecuted. I mean, if the bulk of society repeatedly tells you you're an idiot, doesn't it eventually sink in?