Sunday, October 12, 2008

Aryan Guard vs. Volksfront Canada?

Before getting to the main event, we continue our long running saga detailing the dispute between Tom Trenerry and John Marleau. In this exciting episode, we learn about the origin of the rather heated disagreement between these erstwhile allies:

We think that Tom actually hurt John's feelings here. John seems upset that Tom has continues to make fun of him because of John's weight problem. True, that's a low blow. What we could rather Tom comment on is John's apparent inability to bond with a woman who isn't under the age of 16. That, our dear readers, is truly sad.

At this point, we have to admit that the Trenerry and Marleau spat has grown predictable, tiresome, and boring. Until something more exciting occurs, we're not going to tune in to their minstral show any longer. Changing the chanel.

What has interested us is the rising tension between the Aryan Guard on one side, and the "A" brothers and Volksfront on the other. We have earlier discussed the online fight resulting from comments made by D.A. on the Stormfront, Blood and Honour, and Aryan Guard Forums (here and here). Soon after posting the second to the two articles, we received the following message, presumably from someone close to the Aryan Guard, if not a member himself:

There will be no beatings in British Columbia, should the Aryan Guard choose to "expand". British Columbia is a soft foothold for the renegade Blood and Honor and Volksfront, led by none-other than a person we will call "Kevin", who had fled Eastern Canada due to his connections with CSIS, and his father, a JOG police agent.

Our Anonymous poster might call this Volksfront leader "Kevin," but we'll call him by his real name. "Kevin", who took over the leadership of Volksfront from Todd Conroy, is indeed originally from Ontario and was once involved with the Tri-City Skins. We think that it's interesting how willingly those associated with the Aryan Guard are to sell a "racial brother" down the river, but it works for us.

Well, the dispute on the Aryan Guard forum between the "A" brothers and Bill Noble continued and became more personal. We will continue to detail the dispute:

Be careful what you ask for, Mr. Noble.

We have to say that when it comes to vouching for the veracity of the information on this website, we certainly didn't expect a member of the racist right to put in a plug for us as D.A. does in the posting below:

Now don't get us wrong. We think both "A" brothers are scum. But at least they're scum who recognize what the Aryan Guard is really about.

Bill Noble now feebley attempts to dismiss this website as lies:

No Bill, Bonnie isn't one of the contributors to this website. Neither is Jason.

And John Marleau, for whatever his current status, was a member of the Aryan Guard. Maybe someone would like to share with us why he's no longer a member and the tension surrounding the mention of his name? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Almost as if on cue, a representative of Volksfront Canada chimes in:

D.A.  manages one more dig at Noble by alluding to Noble's relatively recent conviction on hate charges:

Now the Aryan Guard and the far right in Canada routinely complain about the suppression of speech online but the likes of Richard Warman. They decry censorship and condemn those they perceive as practicing or enforcing it. What's good for the goose, however, appears not to be so good for the gander though. Not long after D.A. posted this final message, an administrator on the Aryan Guard forums (we presume it to be Noble) removed all posts detailing this exchange:

D.A. wasn't finished though. A few days ago he commented on the Aryan Guard member's alleged assault against a Japanese tourist:

We have a feeling that this saga may trump the Trenerry and Marleau show in terms of entertainment value. Stay tuned for more episodes.

All joking aside, the Aryan Guard continues to slide into irrelevance. The gang continues to reel as it's members face both legal charges and ridicule from mainstream society. Even other racist groups don't take them seriously. We at Anti-Racist Canada no longer view the Aryan Guard (or the Western European Brotherhood or Valkyrian Legion, both of which are really offshoots of the Aryan Guard) as much of a threat to civil society as a whole, though individual members are certainly a danger to the citizens of Calgary and thus need to be monitored. For this collapse, we appropriately give thanks.


Anonymous said...

"We think that it's interesting how willingly those associated with the Aryan Guard are to sell a "racial brother" down the river, but it works for us". (quoted by yourselves)

VolksFront Canada are NOT considered "racial brothers". Todd Conroy is a wheelchair-bound drunk and Bradley is a CSIS mole. No serious Canadian Nationalist will ever consider them to be Brothers.

Anonymous said...

"Serious Canadian Nationalist" oxymoron if i ever heard it

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, Iam pretty sure that Volksfront are able to comment for themselves. Further more, whoever is commenting about Volksfront and their members should come out and say who there are because surely Volksfront may have a couple things to say in rebuttle to the shittalking people seem to be doing. Anyhow considering Iam Mr. Know it All, before you answer me please be sure to think about your answers.

This site is just another waste of time. Old News!