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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Update: Tyler Sturrup, as well as some odds and ends

We received a comment on our article dealing with infighting within the Aryan Guard, particularly between M.J., Kendra, and John (Richard) Marleau:

AryanBroad said...
Just for the website's knowledge,
I wanted to inform everyone [M.J.], is not dating Tyler Sturrup and the stupid Bitch hasnt been around for the last 2 months or so. Along with Tyler is back in jail

Perhaps "AryanBroad" might consider expanding on this comment? When did M.J. stop dating Sturrup and why? For what reason is Sturrup in jail? Why was he in jail some months back as well?

At least part of this story was confirmed by Marleau himself as well as another individual who will remain unnamed because of the individual's age:

In unrelated news, we would like to thank D.A., who posts on Stormfront as "CanadianSkin88" for providing us with some much entertainment over the last few months. D.A. is a BC bonehead linked to members of Volksfront Canada and the creativity movement (formerly known as the World Church of the Creator or WCOTC, before the copyright lawsuit forced the name change). D.A. has been posting numerous provocative messages on Stormfront, some of which have been removed. However we managed to save a few of them, including some screen shots.

The most recent of D.A.'s posts involves the Aryan Guard arrests at the Siksika First Nation Reserve near Gleichen, Alberta. The Aryan Guard have been trying to make themselves out to be the victims of some sort of vast police conspiracy against them. Although D.A. decided to offer his thoughts on the incident:

**** the legal way. do something real. get your crew together and go to the reserve and kidnap some of them. this isnt a game, you dont win battles over the net.

This post was removed by Stormfront mods before we could get a screen shot, but we did get D.A.'s reaction to being taken to task for advocating illegal activities:

In August D.A. decided to offer his views of the Aryan Guard's claims that they would pay the damage deposit for any Nazi or "white nationalist" who moved to the city of Calgary:

We had to say we were wondering how long before their fellow Nazis and "white nationalists" figured out the Aryan Guard offer was worth less than the bandwidth used to make the announcement. It appears that some have figured it out fairly fast. For boneheads, that is.

Finally, D.A. decides to name names of former allies in the "white nationalist" movement:

D.A., you have become our favourite loose cannon. Please keep up the great work.


Anonymous said...

Michelle broke up with Tyler at the end of August, Im not to sure when. The reasons from what I understand is because he is an idiot and went to Jail a second time. The other time about him going to jail was about "robbery" and breaches. This time the same thing for the Breaches. Where Michelle is? From what the Aryan Guard and WEB understands is she is back to her old group and Raving. If she were to come back we would be suprised.

Anonymous said...

Did Tyler ever live in Ontario? He looks like a guy who used to live there that i think went by "Sturrup"

Nosferatu200 said...

Yes, Tyler once lived in Ontario.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know why dan atkey is using my name, I am steve uter, and I can assure everyone I may know these idiots but I have absolutely nothing to do with them, or their beliefs, this is BS this kid better stop using my name, it shouldnt even grace his mouth or keyboard