Monday, September 15, 2008

Imminent Collapse of the Aryan Guard Expected Sooner Than Originally Anticipated

We're in the process of validating some information that we have received from a variety of sources in the last couple of days, however we will provide our readers with a little tease.

Whether or not the gang continues to exist as a name, the Aryan Guard appears to be in significant trouble and is hemorrhaging members and supporters. We suggested the Aryan Guard might be spent as a player on the racist right within a years time. We just might have to move that time line up a bit.

Expect a full report in the next couple of days. In the meantime, any racist planning on moving to Calgary and hooking up with a vibrant, "white nationalist" organization might want to consider unpacking their bags.


Y_I_Otter said...

They might just be able to pull it all together-- if everybody ever connected with this sideshow returned all their empties at once.

Anonymous said...

y_i_otter, i'd toss a few beer cans into the pile if it meant the AG would get the hell out of my community.

Then again, I like the bottle dudes who comb my back alley much, much better than the freaks who make up the AG.

The AG ain't even worth my empties.

Wahoo! Yippee and yahoo! Let us all dance a happy dance and may the AG stand on the sidelines and shuffle like wallflowers at the prom.


Anonymous said...

super keen to hear if you come up with any official and confirmed news on reitmeier and willis and the alleged shooting. i await with baited breath!


noonespecial200 said...

We're still trying to get official confirmation on that gandalf, but we have enough circumstantial links to such an incident taking place that we might mention it as one of the possibilities.

Even if this isn't confirmed 100%, there's still enough information that exists that proves the Aryan Guard is in real trouble.