Saturday, November 01, 2008

Aryan Guard and Valkyrian Legion Forums Down

Temporalles (Amy Fraser) complains about their forums being shut down:

Gee, we wonder how that happened?

To whom it may concern:

I'm writing to you with concerns over the use of your discussion forum services by the Canadian neo-Nazi group called "the Aryan Guard".

Their page is located at:

I believe that the Aryan Guard is in violation of the following sections of your Terms of Service 1) Indecent Images & Links (due to their use of swastikas and other hate symbols); 3) Topics & Material (due to their clearly white supremacist and neo-Nazi oriented discussions); and 4) Legal Use (although I am not aware of a breach of U.K. or U.S. laws, there are clear violations of Canadian human rights legislation, including s. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, and potentially of s. 319 of the Criminal Code of Canada).

I trust that you will take swift and proper action to prevent this hate group from further using your services. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. Thank you.

From: <>
Date: Fri, Oct 31, 2008 at 9:53 PM
Subject: You recent report at has been dealt with.


Thank you for your report, as you may know we host over 3000 forums which makes it impossible for us to check every forum to check they are within our TOS. We need reports like this to help us.

We have suspended both this forum and another forum linked to Aryan Guard. I hope you have not been offended by this forum as we continuously strive to make our service safe and legal for all users.

If you have any further questions or problems please do email me at : alex@******.com

Once again thank you for your report,

-SmfNew Admin.

Now we were not the ones who let the fine folks at SmfNew know about the TOS violation, but we are enjoying the results. The Aryan Guard might set up another forum eventually, but in the meantime, let's enjoy this.

Whoever shut down the forums, we offer our congratulations.


Dan Atkey said...

Again, we must strive to thank, one Mr.Richard Warman, in his crusade against "websites" that he deems to be not Free Speech.

The Aryan Guard forum was a dead end anyways, thus shutting it down really makes no difference as a whole.

The general census of Canada is now shifting their "political" views to a more conservative leaning (judging from the 2008 Federal election), the Marxist-Liberal state of mind is days of old.

In short it's not just what are labeled "neo-nazis" who feel that immigration is a major problem, it's your average white Canadian who change the future of what was a great Country.

noonespecial200 said...

You all must think that Warman must be the Hindu God Vishnu; he'd have to have eight arms to get his hands on as many areas as you presume he's into.

No, Warman had nothing to do with this, though we do agree that the Aryan Guard website is pretty moribund. Maybe the next graphics that Noble adds should be tumble weeds moving across the screen?

As for Canadians becoming more conservative, we hear that argument from our member who we lovingly call Sparky. He doesn't like to be reminded that of those who voted in the last election, almost 62% voted for a left of centre (Liberals) or socialist (NDP) or regional leftist (Bloc) parties.

DAN ATKEY said...

wtf, who ever keeps using my name on this site needs to get a life. get this straight all "skinheads" in canada : i dont give a shit about this movement and infact hate most neo-nazis. id rather smoke weed than save my race. fuck off and die all all of you calgary losers

Anonymous said...

The best part about the "Aryan Guard" is that Aryans are Iranians.

3 subjects said...

"You all must think that Warman must be the Hindu God Vishnu; he'd have to have eight arms to get his hands on as many areas as you presume he's into."

Please do not let Richard Warman trick you. He is a greasy Jewish- Canadian backed puppet (BTW, I feel he is not Jewish). Nothing is in contempt when it comes to his actions.

noonespecial200 said...

We posted the last message merely because it made us laugh. Hard.

Todd Conroy (AKA Golding) said...

Dan, we all know you're a weed smoker. Why must you broadcast it? The last thing Volksfront needs is another "hippie hay" smoker.

Anonymous said...

To "Tod Conroy": what does Dan smoking weed have to do with Volksfront?