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Bill Noble Update

We knew it was only a matter of time before Noble decided to violate the terms of his parole. In truth, he violated them months ago as he has been active on White Pride/Power Facebook groups since soon after his release from prison. Of course that wasn't enough for Noble so the seductive siren song of Stormfront was finally too compelling to ignore. What follows is his first Stormfront post since February:

Howdy folks, thought I'd check in and drop off a few interesting facts regarding what I've been through.

I did do some time in prison, but was released without conditions. When I was being released from the prison, I was forced to sign a number of papers, but do not know the content of these papers as I was not given any copies for my own records. Obviously, if any of these papers included any conditions I was expected to abide by, I'd have been given a copy.

An affidavit was filed with the clerk of the court in the case, establishing that I was not the person being charged with the alleged violation of the criminal code. An affidavit that goes unrebutted for thirty days stands as truth, and no rebuttal was brought forward in the allotted time. Thus, my imprisonment was completely illegal.

In order to become a judge, or 'Justice of the Peace' as they're called in Canada, one must swear an oath of office. A Justice's oath of office is a matter of public record. But when I contacted public records for proof of Glen Parrett's oath of office, they were unable to provide me with it. Thus, I can only conclude that Mr. Parrett is not a legitimate judge at all.

The courtroom proceedings - which were not a legitimate trial - lasted two weeks. During those two weeks, the crown prosecutor (Canadian equivalent to a District Attorney) rambled on and on about various features of my website, but never once raised a single instance of 'hate' being 'promoted'. In spite of this, the stuffed robe - Glen Parrett - stated that "NOBLE, Keith" (the person charged with the alleged offense) was "guilty" of "willful promotion of hatred".

I was assaulted twice in that courtroom by uniformed thugs. The first time it was two of them; I was seated in a chair minding my own business, when the two of them approached me, one of them mumbling something unintelligible. Abruptly the two lunged and seized me, one very deliberately grasping and bending my wrist in a very painful and debilitating manner. The second time it was six or more; once again, I was sitting minding my own business, when one or more of them came at me from behind in a flying tackle. One of them forcibly clamped a shackle onto my already injured right wrist, deliberately tightening it to the point where it cut off all circulation.

These thugs then dragged me downstairs and had the nerve to order me to sign a bunch of papers, now that my writing hand hung quite uselessly at my side. One of the thugs wrote in the signature space "AGREED NOT TO SIGN". I wonder who that referred to; I know I wasn't agreeing to anything these thugs had to offer.

A lot of other interesting things have transpired, but these are some of the most significant. Illegitimate 'judges' who turn a blind eye to rampant violence in the courtrooms they're supposed to keep the peace in; coerced signing of shady papers; total disregard for the process of law by those who claim to uphold it. This country is hopeless.

Canada - putting the 'mock' in 'democracy'!

Noble's claim that he was released without conditions would seem to fly in the face of the decision rendered by B.C. Supreme Court Justice Parrett:

[8] That will be followed by three years' probation. That probation order will include the standard term that he must keep the peace and be of good behaviour and appear before the court when required to do so. He must notify his probation officer in advance of any change of name or address, and promptly notify the court or probation officer of any change of employment or occupation.


[11] Over the term of the probation order, there will be a prohibition on the accused's accessing the Internet, a further prohibition from him having Internet service to his residence, and from being in attendance at any establishment whose primary business is the provision of Internet access to the public.

[12] There will be a prohibition on possessing any modem or other device that would enable him to access the Internet, and there will be a condition permitting police officers or probation officers to allow them to obtain personal subscriber information from any Internet service provider for the purpose of enforcing that prohibition.

Open and shut. Noble has violated the conditions of release. Noble should be heading back to prison. It's just a matter of whether or not the authorities will pursue it to the full extent of the law.

So, is Noble lying when he says that the he was not the person being charged for the crime for which he was convicted? Yes and no. He's lying, but he might have actually come to believe his lie. Confusing? Wait. We'll explain.

We think the origin of Noble's claim can be traced through a careful reading of the following paragraph:

The courtroom proceedings - which were not a legitimate trial - lasted two weeks. During those two weeks, the crown prosecutor (Canadian equivalent to a District Attorney) rambled on and on about various features of my website, but never once raised a single instance of 'hate' being 'promoted'. In spite of this, the stuffed robe - Glen Parrett - stated that "NOBLE, Keith" (the person charged with the alleged offense) was "guilty" of "willful promotion of hatred".

To us, it looks like Noble has subscribed to the "free man" ideology of the detax movement.

Usually thought of as an American phenomenon, this argument for avoiding taxes has found it's way into Canada. A proponent of the philosophy in Alberta, Eldon Warman, writes the following on his website,

8. Canadian pseudo-judges now consider any form of "person" - natural or artificial - as being an incorporated legal entity subject to the income tax act. A "natural person" would be a man/woman under incorporation contract of servitude with the Crown - the master. Therefore, as a sovereign freeman, do not use the term "person" in relation to yourself. The term comes from Latin - "persona" - mask or role of an actor, a fictitious character.

Note: The term 'pseudo' means mythical, fictional, imitation, unorthodox and bogus.

9. In recent times, the pseudo-Crown has come up with an 'all caps' spelling of the name of the 'legal identity-person attached to your body by the Crown. All court papers show only this 'all caps' spelling of your name. In any good law dictionary, an all caps name is either an acronym or a legal fiction. Please pay attention: It is not the 'case' of the letters in the name, but, the name itself which signifies a 'legal identity'. When the family name referred to as a SURNAME, and is included as being part of the name, it is not the free will man which is referred to - it is the Crown owned 'legal identity'. Recent research shows that the "all caps" spelling is a codified legal technique to signify property pledged as chattel in bankruptcy.
There's a lot more but it'll give you a headache. A slightly less jumbled explanation of the theory (which, we shouldn't have to tell you, is worth less than the paper it's printed on or the bandwidth it takes up) can be found on another detax and anti "New World Order" paranoia website in the FAQ section under the heading, "Am I Already a Slave to the NWO?"

Now we could be wrong, but considering that Noble has also written that it's the duty of Canadians to not pay taxes, we think we're on the right track here.

Eldon Warman isn't the only detaxer whom Noble might be listening to. Our guess is that if he has received advice from anyone it would be from David Lindsay, currently the most active detaxer in Canada, in spite of his own failure to convince a court that his "natural person" argument holds water (as one person has stated losing case after case, Lindsay must be 0 for 50 right now).

So is Matlock on to something? Unfortunately for him, no. This argument has been used many times in the American system. In 100% of the time it has been treated as the fringe pseudo-legalese that it is and the individuals attempting to use the argument have found it to be a less than productive exercise in futility.

One other point. Although they share a surname, Eldon Warman and Richard Warman are not related. However they do share a history, as R. Warman brought a human rights complaint against E. Warman which resulted in a pretty hefty fine being levied against the latter.

One would think that after consistently getting their asses handed to them, the likes of Noble would actually hire people who actually know the law. Instead, they either represent themselves, use failed detax arguments, or (and we shudder at this one) rely on the steel trap legal mind of Paul Fromm who has been successful 100% of the time he's represented someone in having that someone found guilty.

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