4 August 2008

A Bit of a Change

We were getting a little bored looking at green so we decided to change things up a bit. We also decided to provide a few laughs at the expense of Paul Fromm via "The Daily Show."



Anonymous said...

In defense of Paul Fromm: What was he thinking? Did he not know that anything he said in that interview would be cut then edited to appeal to Stewart's low brow humour? You would think Paul Fromm would have done his homework, in regards to how the Jon Stewart show works.

I personally find Stewart not very funny.

Anonymous said...

Fromm is such a tool! Probably still doesn't know what the shocker is:)

noonespecial200 said...

Low brow humour? We beg to differ.

Paul Fromm is all about promoting Paul Fromm. All he probably cared about was that someone was paying attention to him. Considering how incompetent he is on his radio show on Stormfront, he likely didn't have a clue going in or coming out.

Anonymous said...

Oh Paul Fromm - always a fan of the shocker. I remember when Marc Lemire gave Fromm the shocker after they fled from a Tim Horton's in January of 2007. Check out that story here:


Anonymous said...

Whoa burn! Very funny stuff.