Saturday, August 30, 2008

Paul Fromm Attempts to Breach Security at Courthouse

Jason Ouwendyk (left) with fellow Northern Alliance member Tomas Szymanski

We plan on keeping up with the Aryan Guard arrests in Gleichen, AB as we receive more information (fyi, the Aryan Guard are claiming they were the victims of police brutality and were framed, but we don't think most people will be fooled at all). In the meantime we would like to publish the story that we had planned on publishing on August 28.

As many of our readers who follow the antics of the far right in Canada already know, Paul Fromm has been acting as an agent for former (?) Northern Alliance spokesman Jason Ouwendyk, as well as the the agent for the Northern Alliance itself. Paul Fromm is NOT a lawyer which he has said as much himself as a reason for his poor showing before CHRT hearings (thus far he hasn't successfully defended any of those he has represented and may very well have hurt their cases as a result of his incompetence).

The following was sent to us by one source who was in attendance and was verified by a second source:

As you may know, the Warman v. Ouwendyk/NA hearing (the latest s. 13 case) was held in the Hamilton 'John Sopinka' provincial court house from 18-20 Aug. Court house security includes Hamilton Police special constables operating metal detectors and searching bags at all entrances. You may also be aware that it is common for police not to search the bags/person of legal counsel when entering court houses.

While coming in on the second day of the hearing at 9:20am (19 Aug), I was
passing a court house doorway where Mr. Fromm was approaching the metal detectors. The female police officer asked Mr. Fromm if he was "counsel" to which he responded very clearly "yes". He was then asked for his counsel card or business card showing this which for obvious reasons he was unable to produce.

On recommencing the hearing, Richard Warman noted on the record Mr. Fromm's deliberate attempt to subvert the security protocol for the court house
knowing full well that he is not counsel and is not a member of any Bar in Canada and that this security protocol was intended to protect the Tribunal hearing as well. Mr. Warman indicated that he was not asking the Tribunal to take any action at that time other than what it may choose to of its own accord, but that he wished the incident to be on the record in the event that Mr. Fromm ever attempted to act as an agent in the future. Mr. Fromm sat there silently and the Tribunal indicated that it would take no action at that time other than noting the record now included the incident.

In other interesting news, David Ruud (pictured), the man who appears to be the head honcho of the Northern Alliance now (or at least the most vocal and active member) was in attendance, as were a number of other neo-Nazis. Mark and Connie Fournier of Free Dominion were also both in attendance for one day of the hearings. We find this to be especially interesting since the Fourniers, who have come to the defense of Marc Lemire and have denied his links to neo-Nazis, appear to be supporting an individual in Ouwendyk and an organization in the Northern Alliance with clear neo-Nazi sympathies.

The following picture was taken a number of years ago in a bar in Ontario. Andrew Guille of the Canadian Heritage Alliance, Marco De Venanzo, and Tyler Chilcott and Jason Ouwendyk of the Northern Alliance throwing up the "sieg heil" salute most often associated with the neo-Nazi movement. Below that is another sieg heil from Tyler Chilcott.

Links to Ouwendyk and Northern Alliance CHRT Rullings:

Ruling 1
Ruling 2

EDIT: Thank you "anonymous" for confirming what most of us already believed (we thought it was Marco De Venanzo, but the person who sent the photo to us insisted it was Chris so we went with that for the time being). Except for the Toronto bar thing. That was an error on our part so we'll take your word for it. Since you didn't feel the need to correct anything else but these very minor points, we're glad to know that you tacitly agree with the main points of this article, including the fact that the Northern Alliance is a neo-Nazi organization and Paul Fromm is an incompetent. Fail indeed.

And none of us here are Shane Ruttle. Thanks for playing though.


Anonymous said...

Paul's such an idiot. It's a miracle that he's mastered human speech.

Anonymous said...

It seems that Marc Lemire is now posting on Free Dominion under the name "fourhourses".

Anonymous said...

BigCityLib has this important revelation in the Lemire case. Lemire has left the Fourniers, Ezra and his other right wing comrades high and dry:

Whoreforces said...

I find your attempts to incite hatred towards non-lawyers to be misguided. Some of my best friends aren't lawyers.

noonespecial200 said...

Well that's certainly a novel spin.

Anonymous said...

And once again Connie completely misses the point which is that the people she and that walking corpse of a spouse of hers are cuddling up to are neo-nazis.

noonespecial200 said...

We just read it. Funny stuff.

None of us know Richard Warman or have any contact with him. Maybe Connie should consider some other possibilities.

1. She or Mark may have alluded to their attending the CHRT hearings on their webforum and we were able to put it together that they were there as a result.

2. Perhaps one of the individuals mentioned by Connie spoke to someone about who was there and what happened and that person contacted us.

3. It could be that someone was watching who entered the building and with whom, but did not enter the court house herself.

But hey, if they want to think it was Warman who sent us the tip, go right ahead if it makes them happy.

english said...

Some interesting things happening in the SHARP world right after this event regarding a certain former ARA/Sharp from Ottawa and a bonehead named Kevin Goudreau on Facebook... if that's his real name?