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A Neo-Nazi Group In Alberta: The Aryan Guard

Alberta has a long history of racist movements that have emerged over the decades. During the 1920s the Ku Klux Klan recruited 8000 members to target mostly Eastern European immigrants, Roman Catholics, French speaking Canadians, and African-Canadian ranchers. In the 1980s the Aryan Nations’ Canadian Leader TERRY LONG and Saskatchewan based Carney Nerland organized a neo-Nazi and Klan rally held on private land near the town of  Provost, Alberta (few, if any, of the participants were local). That same decade high school history teacher JAMES KEEGATRA was telling his students that the Holocaust was a lie. More recently the group Western Canada For Us was founded by GLENN BAHR and PETER KOUBA in Edmonton to organize Alberta neo-Nazis and attempted to spread its influence into both Manitoba under the leadership of JAIMIE MURPHY and British Columbia through CHRIS BROWN.

But just as racist movements have gained a foothold, there is an equally long history of groups in Alberta that sprang up to oppose and uproot them. The KKK of the 1920s was rendered impotent when Albertans realized that the Klan’s claims to morality and virtue rang hollow and hypocritical when founder and organizer J.J. MALONEY was jailed for embezzlement. Terry Long’s Alberta Aryan Nations collapsed as a result of a successful lawsuit initiated by a man attacked by skinheads under the influence of Long (CARNEY NERLAND had been convicted earlier of manslaughter in the death of First Nations trapper Leo LaChance in Prince Albert). In 1984 Keegstra was stripped of his teaching credentials, charged with “willfully promoting hatred against an identifiable group,” and convicted. Western Canada For Us fell apart almost immediately after it began due to the efforts of community activists and the Edmonton police’s Hate Crimes Division. Glenn Bahr and Peter Kouba, along with members CIARAN DONNELLY and JESSICA BEAUMONT have been or are currently subjects of human rights complaints brought forth by anti-racist activist and attorney Richard Warman (Bahr is also the subject of a criminal case for violating section 319 of Canada’s Criminal Code). Now a new group going by the name Aryan Guard, based primarily in Calgary but with members and supporters from other cities within and outside Alberta, has emerged. And, as has occurred in the past, the community is rising up in opposition.

The Aryan Guard began in late in 2006 but only recently has the mainstream press been paying attention. While there doesn’t appear to be a single leader, there are some well known neo-Nazis who have joined the group, first and foremost being BILL NOBLE. After Noble’s Fort St. John apartment was raided by B.C. police he moved to Edmonton, Alberta in part to avoid a future arrest. During this time he made contact with other Edmonton neo-Nazis including Glenn Bahr and NATHAN TOUCHETTE, rooming with both on different occasions. He was also spotted at the University of Alberta campus in a building where Richard Warman was giving a speech on Internet hate. Noble was eventually arrested in early 2006 for violation of section 319. His trial ended a couple of weeks ago with the verdict coming down in February 2008. In the meantime Nobel began his own political party (with a membership of one) before throwing his support behind TERRY TREMAINE and his National-Socialist Party of Canada.

Noble isn’t the only notable neo-Nazi who is a member of the Aryan Guard, a membership claimed to be around 20 individuals. Another person, also a friend of Nathan Touchette, is KYLE MCKEE who posts as pitbull-A.G. on Stormfront. McKee made the news a few years ago when he and Touchette began flying the Nazi flag over their shared apartment in Kitchener, Ontario. When both made it known that they planned on moving to Calgary to work in the city’s booming construction industry, Calgary mayor Dave Bronconnier announced through the media that both men were not welcome. Both McKee and Touchette came anyways, but their stay didn’t last long. Touchette went back to Ontario within a few months, returned to Alberta to live in Edmonton, then left that city under a cloud of suspicion regarding a number of assaults and arson. McKee was arrested for assault, possession of a weapon, and wearing a mask in committing his crime and spent a number of months in an Alberta jail; upon release he to went back to Ontario. However, he did eventually return to Calgary, impregnated his 16 year old girlfriend Jackie, and helped to found the Aryan Guard.

Though it was organized in late 2006 the Aryan Guard has been truly active since March 21, 2007 when they had their first official meeting, the first of a number of scheduled for the year as listed on their website, the domain registration being in Noble’s name. Predictably their April meeting was on 20th to commemorate the birthday of Adolf Hitler. They held two meeting in June, one on the 16th to listen to guest speaker Ontario neo-Nazi leader and fired high school teacher Paul Fromm. While they do have a meeting scheduled for August 19, a number of Aryan Guard members headed to rally and camp-out between August 4 – 6 organized by disgraced former University of Saskatchewan lecturer Terry Tremaine. Among the Aryan Guard members in attendance were Noble, McKee, DALLAS PRICE (wpcalgary on Stormfront), JOHN RICHARDS (it’s unknown if this is his real name or a pseudonym), THOMAS TRENERRY (“Canadian caucasian” on Stormfront), and a number of other members and supporters.

Aryan Guard members had been putting up fliers prior to August 14, 2007 blaming minorities for committing multiple crimes in the city, however it was on August 14 that the media really began paying attention. The tabloid, “The Calgary Sun” published a short article on the hate group’s efforts in the city and attributed the fliers to Noble since the Simon Wiesenthal Center have noted them as his handiwork. They were also the subjects of reports on the local news on at least four occasions since then.

As evident by their discussion on Stormfront, the Calgary racists couldn’t be more pleased with the public attention believing that any publicity is good publicity. PAUL FROMM has also added his voice to the discussion:

Of course, it's poorly screened immigrants behind many recent violent crimes in Calgary. Note how Leo Adler and the Wisenthalers define "hate" -- it's dissent from the multicult agenda.

While they might be happy with the attention now, we suspect that they won’t be happy very soon. We’re going to look at this quote by Fromm and look at members of the Aryan Guard. It will be evident to everyone that it isn’t just “poorly screened immigrants” who are behind violent crimes in Calgary.

On their website the Aryan Guard make claims that they are opposed to violence:
1. Aryan Guard completely opposes violence, terrorism and criminal activity as a means to achieve our political aims. We however do support organizations that do. Aryan Guard will use the tools of education, training, community activism and example to gain public support. 
3. Aryan Guard will use political non-violent means to achieve our goals, in every case striving to educate rather than offend the communities in which we operate. We reject the simple psychology of reactionary politics as a recruitment tool.
We think that this claim rings a bit hollow when presented with reality but we’ll let the readers be the judge:

Kyle McKee and Dallas Price were both charged with assault using a weapon. One person was stabbed in the incident. Keep that in mind when they later go on to complain about assaults and stabbings that have recently occurred in Calgary.
[Stormfront Post By Kyle McKee - March 9, 2007] good to see your [“Skogarmadur” who is an Aryan Guard member named RYAN] finaly off house arrest give me a call and we will get together and drink "pop" because we aren't alowed to drink booze ;)
[Stormfront Post By Kyle McKee - April 16, 2007] Ya I think I counted about 10 or so people that didn't make it out! But to all the people that did make it, thank you for coming out. there will be another meet on the 20th for adolf hitlers birthday and in memory of all the P.O.W.'s! We are hopeing to have a big turn out! We are going to be asking for donations of $10 as a fundraiser for P.O.W.'s. We will be haveing a BBQ and a few drinks. please PM wpcalgary or myself if your interested in comeing. But a bit of good news, for thouse of you who didn't know boy white [an Aryan Guard member or associate from B.C.] was arested and held in the remand center over the past 4 days but we were able to get him bailed out this morning and should be a free man by this evening!
[Stormfront Post By Kyle McKee August 11, 2007] A good brother of ours "German pride" [ROBERT REITMEIER, another Aryan Guard member] has been in the Calgary remand center now since around may and has been in and out since November of 2006 when he was charged with attempted murder [the link to the arrest and charged is found here]. I have asked him if he would mind if I posted his story on here and he said it would be fine. There was guy in the downtown area that was beaten with in an inch of his life suffering an open skull fracture and was bleeding heavily from the head. He was found early the next morning and was taken to the hospital and slipped into a coma and still remands in one to this day but hasn't died yet to the best of my knowledge. They had origanly picked up some indian for it. that indian wrought 3 diffrent statments none of witch were the same except they all pointed the finger of convienenc at a skinhead. We used to all drink at this bar called "the crazy donkey" where this indian and the victom also drank at. now I might tell you all abit about this part of town. it is one of the highest crime parts of the down town and the bar is right across the street from a drop in center where all the homeless and drug dealers can all eat and live of the backs of the working class. the indian that made the 3 statments is a drug user and a suspected drug dealer. Pretty much what it comes down to is our brother rob was arested because he is a skinhead. There is no real evidence other than the rambelings of some indian. Forensics came back with nothing and are only really going on the statments of an indian trying to get out of a charge. He would really like it if anyone took the time to send him a letter of support. We have been sending him money every week but I thought it would be nice if some more people could at least right him a letter. so here is his address 
Robert Reitmeier, Calgary Remand Centre, 12200 85st NW, Calgary, AB.
We should note that we did not edit McKee’s writing at all. He appears to be functionally illiterate.
[Posted By Dallas Price, May 3, 2006] I am currently attending a court ordered criminal course run by the extra-judicial sanctions program. (Formerly the alternative measures program.) On Monday the topic of the class was racism, and wouldnt you know it, the movie we had to watch was American History X.
Aryan Guard acknowledges the right of all people, religions, races and cultures to live free from fear, oppression, exploitation and foreign domination.

Again, judge them by their own words.
[Stormfront Post By Canadian Caucasian, also known as Thomas Trenerry, Aryan Guard member, responding to the recent media attention – August 16, 2007] The jews are trying to get us fired. They keep showing the same pictures over and over. I dont think any of us in the Pictures are too worried. It just shows how much the jews control the media. Apparently it is now a Hate crime in Canada to be a White man.The filthy kikes think that we will stop because of a few pictures? This is a war with only one solution. The Final Solution! Sieg Heil! [These four short sentences were edited out of his original post at 10:57 am. Good thing we caught it to preserve it for posterity and to show what these people really think.]
On September 6, 2006 Dallas Price and his neo-Nazi associates attempted to intimidate Food Not Bombs in Olympic Plaza in an unprovoked confrontation [Links found here and here].
[Stormfront Post by German_Pride, March 29, 2006] Ya, i agree you should come to alberta, lots of like-minded peopel here, less indians, unfortunitely more of every other filthy race long are we going to let this mud blood invasion persist?lace up your white laces, sew on some patches and EARN YOUR REDS! [red laces signifying that the wearer has drawn blood or killed someone]
[Stormfront Post by German_Pride, April 10, 2006] It is our given right by blood to own/carry weapons, whether the laws of the oppresive government you live under approve or not! Its a right that was passed down through generations from stone to speer-sword to gun, only the strong shall prevail, hand to hand combat becomes useless against a firearm, or even explosive (obviously), so what will you do when your faced with a situation which immediately requires some form of weapon?bare arms, legal or not! i do
[Stormfront Post by Skogarmadur, March 25, 2007] Race Mixing is treason - I myself believe that in the future once a National Socialist government is put into play any sort of interracial "affairs" should be considered treason. And treason should be treated with the death penalty. Not only is it betraying your race and kin, but it is ruining the future of the white race and if people continue to do so it will be the bringer of destruction of all that is Aryan blood.
[Bill Noble posting on his Wikipedia page as Exterminance] I'm not sure if you grasp all the fine points of survival in the face of natural law, but the bottom line is: the end justifies ANY means. [this was apparently in response to a question regarding the use of violence and murder in pursuit of “white nationalist” goals].
[Stormfront Post By Kyle McKee April 17, 2007] The jews do alot more behind the sceans and I would almost belive that the jews would try and push the idea that these other races are the ones that need to be delt with first. But the thing is that these other races only are what they are they for the most part are not bright enough to master mind the destruction of a race. they are like rats the are all running out of this hole on the deck of your boat, now you can try and catch them all and trow them over board or you can try and stop the flooding that they are all runing from and I'll bet if you stop the flood then you'll find that the flood was caused by some termights/jews. When people find this out we can get out the pest control
We could go on and on and on.

The Aryan Guard was flying under the radar for months with only a few progressives monitoring and tracking their activities until the recent attention from the mainstream media. Though right now they’re happy about the attention they’re receiving believing it will result in more members, the history of similar organizations does not bode well for their future. When Western Canada For Us founder Glenn Bahr appeared on the “Peter Warren Show” the group collapsed.

Albertans from all walks of life and ethnic groups have condemned the Aryan Guard and are looking for action. Considering the thuggish behavior of its members it won’t be long before the Aryan Guard also collapses.



Anonymous said...

Your a bitch, have you ever hung out with the guys?

Didnt think so, there amazing people with big hearts. Your a dumb Kike for being so prejudgice. Before your next post about the Aryan Guard maybe you should think to sit down with some of them and talk to them. Rather than slandering there names and beliefs on the internet.


Anonymous said...

We allowed this comment to be published to show the level of intellect we're up against. Not much upstairs, if you know what we mean. Riddled with bad grammar, spelling, and irony.

Sit down with a group, many of whom are convicted criminals? No thank you. By the way it isn't slander (you should have written 'libel') if it's the truth.

Anonymous said...

It's absolutely mortifying to know that I live in an area with so much unjustified hate. It's really depressing to grow up in this kind of world.

Jade said...

I thought this was good journalism so I gave it a link for a new post:

Anonymous said...

the funny thing is,ore sad thing. that one of the nazis surename is GOLDRING, aktualy a german name..........jewish german name oouutttsh dumm

Anonymous said...

"Your a dumb Kike for being so prejudgice."

thats an awkward choice of words.

Its really sad to see people making such fools of themselfs, for something that they know nothing ( or very little) about. Most of you "Nazi's" like the idea of what your preaching, but sadly you do not know the underlying factors. If you sit down and talk to anyone it should be with your grandparents, i dare you to say the things that you say in public to there faces. they would be very ashamed. And to "Pyro" you can comment however you like regarding me but before you make any kind of racial assumption about me or my religion, i would just like you and your little "aryan" friends to know that im not native american, Jewish or any other "non white" race. Iam full blooded German, and you all make me sick, you should be so ashamed of yourself.

Kerri Mueller

Anonymous said...

guy on the first picture furthest right is eric sheridan from TO

lots of funny pics at

Anonymous said...

Good article! If you look at the comments. You can see how immature are The Aryan Guard members. Girl, don't worry about what they said.

Justice will be done!

Anonymous said...

do you know who the blond girl is? Think I sure her the other day, she is a brunette now.


Kurt Phillips said...

That would be Caila Ann Skiboff, the co-star in Kyle McKee's sex pictures. As she was married at the time, there's a chance that her surname might have reverted to Attwood after a divorce once the husband got wind of the tryst.

Anonymous said...

I think that these so called "Nazis" are nothing but a bunch of sick animals and have no right what so ever to preach their hate against anyone... they should all be locked up behind bars and/or be given a taste of their own medicine... WE ARE ALL CREATED EQUAL!!! racism is a disease that must be stopped... i for one have no tolerance for ant type of racial prejudice!!!

Anonymous said...

i work as a security officer in the down town core (Calgary)... i have on occasion encountered the odd "Skinhead" and heard (them) spouting their nonsense... i've also had the pleasure of "removing"
these morons from some of the sites that i've been on duty at and from what i've seen they run like cowards when confronted lol...
powerful indeed... lmao

Anonymous said...

hey pyro... did you even complete grade 1? maybe you (and your aryan buddies) haven't realized that you'll never win... for god's sake... grow up!!!

Anonymous said...

To the so called "Aryan Guard"

Justice will be done & you will be judged... remember what happened to your fearless leader...hiding in his bunker like a rat... taking the coward's way out... "Master Race" my ass!!!

Anonymous said...

Im a proud Aryan and i will kill those who are not white i already got sent to jail three times for murder

Kurt Phillips said...

We let the last post slide by moderation on purpose to illustrate the violent mindset of our opposition. In all likelihood who ever posted it is full of it, but the effort to intimidate is noted.

Anonymous said...

thank you. how they feel is very deep within.

718 ave

Anonymous said...

this whole group is bull shit. They well i should say one raped on of my best friends, and destroyed her life!! oh i should also mention that she is white, and people who believe what they do, would never do that.. this "guard" is just made up on lies and brain wash.

Anonymous said...

It all comes from lack of self esteem.
(and I can see why!)

It is so very sad when a group has nothing of value to offer and has to cling to a pathetic position that their whiteness sets them apart.

Well I suppose that it does...not that they had any part of being born white.

What truly sets them apart is the idiocy of thinking even for a moment that forming a group of emotionally aberrant, intellectually challenged, uneducated criminals set them above ANYTHING!

When I think of how world population growth is likely to kill off billions of us...I sincerely hope the survivors are unlike this sorry bunch!!

I just can't comprehend how...with facts on the net and a gram of common sense on earth do these retards come to these conclusions??

Anonymous said...

civilized people are an endangered speicies the stupid will breed and breed until the world is overpopulated and people will have to fight to survive

Anonymous said...

People United AGAINST the RACIST SCUM!

Anonymous said...

I find them amusing. These people are absolutely no threat whatsoever. Just look at them and read their posts. Goofs.

Anonymous said...

This is disturbing. Why anyone would want to hail hitler is beyond disgusting and obviously wrong. I mean let's say it's 1942 in Canada, I'm not sure how long Canada would find these neo-nazi opinions acceptable. In fact back then, wouldn't the general population see their views as treason ? They should be viewed that way today. And to the random dude who said these guys have huge hearts ? Really? Murder and hate doesn't seem too love filled to me.

Unknown said...

Times will change. Everyone is mixing. North America has alot of interracial couples. I feel if you are going to be racist your kid or grandchild will most likely marry or have kids out of your race. If you hate Race you hate God!

Unknown said...

You'll end up falling in love with someone out of your race,or your kids will lol. We are bleed red!

Anonymous said...

Hi there. Kind of doubt this comment will ever see the light of day, but here goes: How have any of the racially realistic entities in the first paragraph been rebuked or rejected by society in any way, other than legal ramifications? Are you not the same organization that believes morality and legality are seperate and often contradictory? It seems the powers that be would do anything to suppress an open and honest discussion about race. Truth fears no investigation. It is sad that you condone "certain groups" with legal and political power dissuading any sort of dialogue that suggests there are differences between races. Why would you not just present reasons why National Socialism and White Nationalism are fallacious? Can you come up with any? However I must remember I am dealing with super liberal Social Justice Warriors. Rather than defend your reasons for supporting White Genocide, you would sooner use emotional responses in lieu of fact based arguments. I could go on, but rather than address the issue that you hate your race, you would sooner "dox" me with strawman arguments and childish name calling like "racist" or "nazi".

I am sad to share the air with you.

Kurt Phillips said...

Ah, another "White Genocide" claim proponent.

You are all just so adorable!

As for you not wishing to breath the same air as we do, no one is suggesting you have to. While we plan on being around for a while yet, no one is stopping you from taking the necessary action needed to stop breathing. ;)

Anonymous said...

I was considering moving to Edmonton from Ontario. I don't think that's a good idea anymore...lots of backward thinking. It's disgusting.