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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Bad Times For Canadian Alt-Right Podcasters: This Hour Has 88 Minutes Co-Host Exposed

Congratulations to those who spent months pouring through online messages and hours of podcast material to be able to publish this story:

Evan Balgord is the Executive Director of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, an organization I'm proud to have been able to co-found with a lot of very good people. His efforts as well as those of the incredible Alheli PicazoMartin Patriquin, and Mack Lamoureux in identifying Thomas White as “League of the North" who was one of the co-hosts of the neo-Nazi podcast "This Hour Has 88 Minutes" is a blow to the "white nationalist" movement in Canada and internationally. It also shows the importance of a group like the Canadian Anti-Hate Network in tracking down and identifying these people.

If anyone is interested in supporting more investigative work such as this, I invite them to visit this site.

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