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Monday, May 21, 2018

Quebec III% Militia Record What Appears To Be Serious Crimes

Assault, forcible confinement, and likely theft. While the Sûreté du Québec was busy protecting the far-right Islamophobic, racist, anti-immigrant groups who arrived at the Lacolle border on Saturday (Storm Alliance, some La Meute members, III% militia, and others), they failed to monitor the potential dangers those groups posed to others which allowed this to happen:

The people involved in what appears to be a significant criminal behavior are reported to be members of a Quebec chapter of the III% militia. The young woman being assaulted is alleged to have been taking pictures of vehicles that the anti-immigrant protesters took to the Lacolle border:

One of the xenophobes who shared the video was this guy:

I'll post both the English translation as well as the original French. I've tried to black out any significant identifying information about the victim. First the English translation:

This idiot wants to sure the institution the victim works at for.... reasons I guess.

And now the original French:

This represents a very serious escalation in the level of violence that members of the III% have engaged in. ARC readers will remember that last June Alberta III% members claiming to provide security at a Worldwide Coalition Against Islam rally in Calgary were wearing tactical gear and in possession of weapons (stun canes); the police in Calgary allowed this. Some members of the militia in Ontario have admitted to assaulting counter-protesters using thick poles disguised as flag poles; the police have appeared to have allowed this to take place as well, or at least have not confiscated these weapons at later events.

And now, this.

What is it going to take for the police to recognize that these groups, especially the III% militia, pose a real danger to social order?

UPDATE: One suspect has been identified.

More information on this alleged assault, as well as identifying some of the participants, can be found here:


Anonymous said...

The problem is that your antifa pals are so outrageously, egregiously violent that they will ALWAYS overshadow 3% and worse in the minds of cops and the public. You're ighting the wrong side on this one.

Nosferatu200 said...

You know, you folks keep making this claim, yet the best you can usually come up with are examples of pushing and shoving. I on the other had can come up with numerous examples militia types murdering or planning murdering people:

And that these ones are only a few relatively recent examples. I mean, I could bring up the 1990s and the Oklahoma City bombing among other examples.

And in this country....

Funny, eh?

Nosferatu200 said...

Oh, and vandalism.

Yes, I'll give you that as well.

Even then, a far cry from murder.

Anonymous said...

Violence or the threat of it to women from three brain cellers can be found everywhere. You may want to screen shoot full patch Threeper Nathon Syson, Two weeks back suggesting a woman needs a punch in the Jaw, and 3 weeks back a woman needs a throat punch.I think a welfare check on his kids should be done.