Sunday, May 27, 2018

JDL Denounces Ronny Cameron; Proud Boy Robert Jones Breaks With JDL

I've stated both on ARC and elsewhere that when one scratches the surface of the "alt-right" xenophobic movement, one can find an antisemite just under that surface.

When I wrote about Ronny Cameron's video with Devon Mannix and Proud Boy member Andrew Zokvic, I asked the question, "why is Meir [Weinstein] and the JDL so friendly with Ronny Cameron?" Given Cameron's own growing comfort with antisemitic stereotypes and his association with people like Mannix and Zokvic, the former who has praised Nazism and the latter who self-identifies as a fascist and who defended Hitler's actions which ultimately culminated in the Holocaust, it was difficult to square this with Meir's own history of opposing Nazis. I figured that in his targeting of Muslim-Canadians, that he may have decided to subscribe to the maxim, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Not satisfied with this, I decided to send Meir a link to the article published on ARC. I didn't think he would respond given our mutual antagonism, but I was surprised to receive the following message a few days later:

Following the link, I found the following posted to Meir's profile:

Many of Meir's supporters posted their view of Cameron, the consensus being that he is antisemite. Cameron replied in what I guess was an effort to defend himself.... by posting a bunch of antisemitic conspiracy theories and stereotypes:

Not surprisingly, Ron Banerjee, who has an intense hatred towards Cameron, was eager to join in:

Jennifer Bush also chimed in:

Meir's was not the only Facebook profile that this discussion went down. There was another that was ultimately nuked, but which also involved Ronny Cameron's middle-aged Proud Boy friend Robert Jones:

There are some screen shots from that discussion that have survived. In those screen shots a British Columbia member of the JDL and Jones appeared to have it out:

They all seem like very nice people, don't they?

Now this dispute is interesting because while Proud Boy Jones is friends with Cameron, he has also attended a number of JDL events:

Because someone said something mean to alpha male Robert Jones, he has decided that Jews are just a bunch of meanies!

Actually, given what Jones routinely posts on his own Facebook profile, I'm not sure it would be fair of him to suggest that "anyone familiar with [him] know's [he's] not a white supremacist", but I'll let that go for the moment. What I do marvel at is how quickly Jones goes from "the noble JDL" to surmising that maybe all Jews are as hateful as the one he encountered here:

It has been a while since we've seen Georges Massaad, friend of Steven Myatt and member of the Northern Guard, online. Apparently Zionists are worse than Nazis who have too much influence in society. That's sure to lessen the tensions here.

That's right folks. Someone who said mean things to Jones is worse than Hitler.

Not helping his case much.

Ronny himself eventually chimes in briefly:

Steven Myatt demands that Weinsten condemn the JDL member in BC, though he doesn't mention anything about the Hitler apologists and Cameron's own antisemitic statements:

The main event though was when Meir got involved:

This thread was also evidently nuked by Jones (nope, I was wrong), but it is clear that there is a fairly deep schism now.

In the meantime, Devon Mannix gloats:

Eventually Shawn McBeath (aka "Bain Scott") decided to chime in:

Gee Shawn, thanks for the shout-out but....

But I do digress:

Someone posting on Meir's thread made an observation that ARC has been making for years:

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