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"Cobbsville Redux" or "The Sequel is Usually Worse Than the Original": Part III

We first learned that Craig Cobb was trying to establish an all-white slum.... er.... community again even after his Leith fiasco back in June, though we couldn't claim to be surprised. His efforts then were met with a collective, "sigh, this again?" from his erstwhile ideological allies who had grown tired of his publicity seeking which they found to be embarrassing, though to be fair he does still maintain some support. Also not surprising was the efforts of the good people of Antler, ND who managed to thwart Cobb's efforts to establish a PLE and rename the village after Donald Trump, which contributed to his also not surprising public temper tantrum on Stormfront.

We collected a lot of acrimonious screen shots from Stormfront. We won't share them all since that would be ridiculous, but we will give our readers a taste of what was written:


And so on....

However, there were two comments that were made which were of interest to us. The first is related to Cobb's brief sojourn here in Canada (we remind our readers that Craig Cobb is, alas, a Canadian citizen through naturalization from back in the 1960s) and his hasty exit out of the country as a result of his arrest on hate crime charged. Paulie conveniently posted the warrant for our perusal:


While living in Vancouver after being deported from Estonia, Cobb worked as a telemarketer before being terminated. When one of the Stormfront members who was supportive of his efforts commented that telemarketing would be a good way to spread their message, Cobb suggested that he had been doing just that while in Canada and spoke to Paulie about his campaign (Fromm was receptive to the idea) when Cobb was visiting April Gaede in 2011:

Photo taken during interview in Montana
at the residence of April Gaede
, 2011 
If this is true we do find it interesting that Paulie would endorse such a campaign given the strong potential that it could violate Sec. 319 (and perhaps Sec. 318) of the criminal code depending on the messages that would be disseminated.

The other posts (mostly antagonistic) are related to Cobb's claim to have, in private, established PLE enclaves quietly where "White Nationalists" already comprise a majority of the population in some cases:

"Zealots," eh?

While we sort of take his claim of establishing a PLE where his ilk are already the majority with a grain of salt, it doesn't surprise us at all that he is still trying to get his little enterprise off the ground. And though he wrote that those ongoing efforts were to remain secret, we didn't expect that to last considering Cobb's penchant for rather outrageous behavior.

Fast forward a few months and we find that Cobb is now attempting to purchase (or has purchased) property in Kansas and Nebraska:

Neo-Nazi is shopping for land in Kansas
BY JUDY L. THOMAS, "Kansas City Star"
October 2, 2015

A neo-Nazi who made headlines when he bought land in a small North Dakota town with plans to turn it into an all-white hamlet is now setting his sights on Kansas and Nebraska.

Craig Cobb has purchased property in two small south-central Nebraska towns and inquired about property in two north-central Kansas towns, including Smith Center.
Once Cobb’s identity was discovered in the small towns, word circulated quickly and residents warned owners to be wary of selling property to him. In Red Cloud, Neb., dozens gathered for a town hall meeting. 

“There was a good showing of the people, good attendance,” Mayor Gary Ratzlaff said. “Let’s just say everyone is concerned.” 

Cobb said other white nationalists have been buying up property as well. 

“We have property and people in place in the area,” he said. “I’d rather not speak to precisely what we have and what we bought except to tell you it’s a lot more extensive than just this.”
[I]n 2013, Cobb was charged with seven felony counts of terrorizing some of the town’s residents with a gun. He was arrested that November in North Dakota, not long after attending a National Socialist Movement rally in Kansas City. After spending several months in jail, Cobb pleaded guilty to five misdemeanor menacing counts and one felony terrorizing charge and was sentenced to four years of probation.
In Kansas, Smith County Appraiser Kathy Hansen said Cobb recently dropped by her office to ask about distressed properties in Smith Center, a town of 1,800 about 15 miles from the Nebraska line.

“I didn’t have any idea who he was,” Hansen said. “I told him we’d just had a tax sale, so a lot of those properties had been purchased.”

She said she gave Cobb the names of the owners of two properties he was interested in.

“He asked about the little town of Lebanon, too, and wanted to know how they took care of condemnations,” she said.

Hansen said Cobb also talked to the economic development director.

“I knew he was a little different when he came in,” she said, “but I didn’t know like that.”
Cobb said he didn’t violate his probation by going to Kansas and Nebraska. 

“I went to visit my mom (in St. Joseph), and I asked my probation officer if he cared which way I came home, and he said no,” he said. “So I went directly west and directly north.” 

The last portion of the article echoes what Cobb wrote on Stormfront back in August:

So there you have it. Cobb is taking yet another stab at it. Points for persistence, though we are a bit surprised that this time he doesn't seem at all happy with the fact his notoriety brings a certain amount of scrutiny, thus making it a little more difficult to fly under the radar when he wishes:


It also wouldn't be a Craig Cobb discussion without him being antagonistic towards other members of Stormfront who are critical of his behavior:


You know, there's a small part of us who would like to see Cobb successfully form a PLE under his leadership, if only so we could watch the inevitable results.

We've written this before, but while Cobb envisions this as his future white homeland....

.... they really are lucky when they can manage this much:

You keep on reaching for that rainbow, Craig Cobb.

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