Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Légitime Violence Member Arrested on Drug Charges

A few years ago we wrote about Condemned 84. Légitime Violence, a group described as ultra-nationalistic with National Socialist leanings (though they insisted they were apolitical), was opening for the band in Toronto.

When we first wrote about these two RAC bands, we received a number of emails that suggested that we were ill informed and that both Condemned 83 and Légitime Violence were really just good boys who go to church, rescue kittens from trees, and help old ladies walk across the street. Actual evidence however strongly suggested that both were every much the far right supporting jackasses their detractors said they were.

Cut to 2015, and Légitime Violence is in the news again. And while our French sucks (really, we can't sugar coat it, but we are embarrassingly and hopelessly unilingual) the good folks at Google have done a lot of work toward perfecting their language translator:

Legitimate Violence singer accused of drug trafficking
Published September 26, 2015 05:00 AM | Updated September 26, 2015 05:00 AM

(Quebec) Raphael Levesque, aka Raf Stomper, singer of the extreme right group of Quebec Legitimate Violence, appeared Friday at the Quebec City courthouse after being arrested Thursday in Saint-Apollinaire in a methamphetamine trafficking case and cannabis. 

Legitimate Violence The group had made about him in June when the mayor of Talencieux, France, had tried unsuccessfully to ban a spectacle of music and illegal fights in which the quartet took part. Previously, he had retired from programming the Envol and Macadam festival in 2011 after the organization had received several complaints about him. 

As explained Constable Ann Mathieu of the Sûreté du Québec, Lévesque, a skinhead of 32 years residing in Quebec, but from Saint-Agapit, was arrested with an alleged accomplice, Carl Martineau, a resident of Saint-Apollinaire aged 25, in the parking lot of the Church of Saint-Apollinaire. 

"They were in possession of drugs: methamphetamine and cannabis. Subsequently, two searches were conducted, one in Levesque home in Quebec and the other that of Martineau in Saint-Apollinaire. The police got hold of 250 methamphetamine pills, 600 grams of cannabis and a sum of $ 2,500, "says Mathieu. Two cars were also seized as offense-related property. 

The two accused appeared Friday with two counts of drug trafficking charges, two counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking and one count of conspiracy to traffic. The Crown prosecutor, Mr. Daniel Bélanger, opposed their release by holding their investigation bond Monday in the case of Lévesque and Thursday in the case of Martineau. 

Before this case, Martineau was already accused in two other drug-related issues, while Lévesque has already fined from $ 100 to $ 750 in the past in cases of mischief, assault and possession of marijuana. 


Even if they reject the label of neo-Nazis and qualify rather apolitical and nationalists, members say Legitimate Violence be part of the movement "Rock Against Communism" and "anti- antifascist ", two euphemisms used regularly for a few years by musical groups linked to the extreme right who offer a hate message. 

They have been criticized for presenting concerts organized by identity groups and events like Pride Casapound France and Italy for taking over parts of the French anti-Semitic skinhead group Evil Skins. 

Over the years, they have also organized concerts in Quebec whose premises were kept secret with several European and American artists associated with the extreme right, including the French rock band identity In Memoriam, the Belgian group The Villains, the US group Offensive Weapon and the Swedish group Pitbullfarm whose vocalist Joakim "Jocke" Karlsson body covered with swastikas and symbols advocating white supremacy.

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Nazi Basher said...

Heard all about this thug before. Despite the flexing in his pics, along with his "band" and mates, Raffi usually ends up face first into the pavement 8D Unfortunately I've found out that many of my Facebook guys/gals have him on, or know somebody, have him on their friend list. D8 Too many decent people have to get rid of this goon and his band from their lists.