Saturday, September 26, 2015

Kyle McKee A Little Fuzzy On Definition Of Freedom Of Speech Part III

With news that Jesse Rau, the former probationary bus driver in Calgary who was fired because he refused to drive a bus painted to support Pride events.... even though he was specifically told he would not be assigned to the bus prior to his public temper tantrum, is running a Christian Heritage Party candidate for Parliament, we thought it might be fun to take a look to see what one of his biggest supporters is currently up to.

When last we discussed this issue, McKee had set up a GoFundMe page to help out pay his $5000.00 fine. GoFundMe suspended the campaign, then inexplicably permitted it to continue, before finally suspending the campaign for good.

The claim of having raised $500 strikes us as somewhat unconvincing, but who knows? Maybe McKee found himself a sugar daddy of some sort who has stepped up to help him with his fine?

At this point we figured that this would be the end of the issue unless McKee failed to pay the fine and ended up in jail. But we didn't count on long time Stormfront member "Cydonia" deciding to contribute her wisdom and legal expertise.

Oh, dear readers. This is absolutely glorious!

First, "Cydonia" seems not to understand what a transit vehicle is, confusing emergency vehicles with those who's purpose is to transport commuters.... such as a city bus which is clearly a transit vehicle.

Second, the suggestion that the claim the message was an "illegal political statement" doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense considering Calgary also promotes other events such as the Stampede on their buses, keeping in mind the promotion on this particular bus was essentially an advertisement paid for by private individuals. That there is nothing illegal in Canada about consenting adults entering into a same sex relationship, we really don't know what "Cydonia" is going on about. Besides, if it were illegal to promote a political message on city transit, Paulie would have been in a lot of trouble back in 2010:

McKee's response indicates that he find's "Cydonia's" logic to be somewhat dubious:

Not to be dissuaded by his rare display of common sense, "Cydonia" requests the particulars of the event from McKee, which he more or less provides:

The result? Sort of epic in its batfuckinginsanity:


Yeah, that pretty much sums up the reaction we and others who have read Matlock's analysis up above. However, if we may focusing briefly on just one part, we have a feeling that a person who is accused of rape and/or murder on a city bus just might have a little bit more to be concerned about than whether he can get a $200 fine waived due to financial hardship.

Oh, but there is more. If it is at all possible, another long time Stormfront member familiar to our readers decided to contribute to the discussion:

Oh, Bill Noble. He of the,"I'm not Bill Noble because that's a strawman created by a government I don't recognize since I've renounced my citizenship and am no longer subject to the Queen's law."

How did that work out for you Billy?

By this point, McKee may have regretted publicizing his plight on Stormfront:

But it no longer mattered since "Cydonia" and Noble were now too focused on their bat shit crazy interpretations of the Canadian legal system to care about the original situation any more, though "Cydonia" does throw in on more suggestion that McKee should take someone to court for harassment as a result of taking down his GoFundMe appeal:

Who is "them?" Anti-racists? GoFundMe?


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