Saturday, September 12, 2015

Kyle McKee A Little Fuzzy On Definition Of Freedom Of Speech Part II

So by now some in the msm have written about McKee's expensive misadventure last weekend. The two stories that we first saw (here and here) were both sufficiently mocking of his efforts to crowdfund his fine. The boneheads, on the other hand, seem to think that it's all a great conspiracy to silence them:

Sure, the fine COULD be, "for protesting the homosexual agenda" (hint: it isn't).

OR is might have to do with violating a clearly printed bylaw for which the minimum fine is $2500 and the maximum $5000:

Considering McKee's long, long, LONG record of particularly anti-social behavior, perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that he received the maximum fine. However to the folks that aren't all that fond of the LGBTQ community or their supporters, the fine is proof the law is persecuting Christians as evidenced by the following exchange which suggests Bill Whatcott also supports McKee's efforts:

That Whatcott has taken an interest in this incident isn't a surprise for two reasons. First, Whatcott is virulently anti-LGBTQ  and has a history of provocative protests that go back a couple of decades now. And it isn't a surprise that he is supporting McKee because Whatcott finds himself in very similar company lately:

Which brings us to Paulie as he certainly wouldn't have passed up an opportunity at self-promotion:

Now Paulie involving himself in a situation in which someone finds themselves in a financially precarious position begs the question:

Will Paulie contribute to McKee's effort to raise money to pay his fine, or will he use it as an opportunity to somehow benefit himself?

Hmmm..... we wonder....

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