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Friday, August 15, 2014

Jeff Goodall Withdraws Candidacy in Oshawa

A few days ago we published an article regarding former Edmund Burke Society member Jeff Goodall and his efforts to win a council seat in the upcoming Oshawa civic election. Former Nazi leader John Beattie, who is running for the position of deputy reeve in Minden, ON, really couldn't contain his glee. Aside from the fact that he continues to believe we are the ARA, Beattie doesn't seem to think that our coverage will result in an increase in Goodall's overall vote. While we sincerely doubt that to be the case, we're sure that our focus on Goodall did result in at least one Oshawa resident taking notice:

Hey, if you are comfortable with an endorsement from the Goudreau, have at 'er.

But it seems that Beattie might have counted his chickens a little bit. Not long after we published our Goodall article, Beattie posted a link to it on his Facebook profile giddy with excitement. That post in no longer found anywhere on his profile.

We think this might be why:

August 13th, 2014. 

Press release – Withdrawal of candidacy. 

Jeff Goodall, Candidate for Oshawa City Council. I have decided to withdraw from the race for Oshawa City Councillor, and filled out the necessary form a little after 2:00pm today. 

There are a number of reasons, consisting primarily of my re-assessment of my abilities in terms of age and health, and the appalling difficulties involved in having to campaign throughout the entire city rather than just in one ward….

Goodall provides a number of reasons why he is dropping out, including his age and the strain of running a city-wide campaign. All of this may be true but it is also true that he dropped out three days after our article appeared.

It was just an interesting coincidence.

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