Sunday, November 29, 2009

Paulie Feeling a Little Stress

This hasn't been a great couple of days for Paul Fromm. On Thursday of this past week while attending and "helping" with Terry Tremaine's defense in his hate crimes trial, he was taken out and questioned by the police regarding Kyle McKee and if he had any knowledge of his whereabouts. We've reported on that. However, on returning to the courtroom, he got an earful from the judge:

Former university lecturer in court to schedule date for hearing on charge of promoting hatred

By Leader-Post staff

November 27, 2009

REGINA — Former university lecturer Terrence Cecil Tremaine made a brief Regina Provincial Court appearance on Thursday to schedule a date for the completion of his preliminary hearing on a charge of promoting hatred.

The 61-year-old also learned Victoria lawyer Doug Christie — who told the court he has, to date, been paying out of his own pocket — will receive funding from the province as court-appointed counsel.

The hearing, which began in October and was adjourned to this week, will now continue on March 8. Four days are set aside that week in the hopes that the hearing will wrap up at that time.

Judge Bruce Henning will then have to decide whether the Crown has sufficient evidence to proceed to trial at Court of Queen's Bench.

Details from the preliminary hearing can't be reported because of a court-imposed publication ban.

On Thursday, far-right activist, Paul Fromm with the Canadian Association for Free Expression, drew criticism from Crown prosecutor John Stoesser for allegedly breaching conditions of that ban through an Internet posting. Fromm has been present in the courtroom gallery throughout much of the hearing.

Henning reminded Fromm about the publication ban. The judge said he'd leave it up to the Crown to decide whether to pursue contempt charges, and advised Fromm to speak to a lawyer if he has any questions or concerns.

Two years ago, Fromm made the news himself when he was ordered to pay thousands of dollars in damages for defamatory Internet postings against an Ottawa anti-racism campaigner.

Helping Christie? You mean like when he helped Bahr, Ouwendyk, Tremaine, Beaumont during his CHRT hearings, and a host of others. Down. In. Flames.

Paulie is also lamenting the problems of his friend, Holocaust denying, "historian" David Irving:

Historian David Irving's Tour Dogged by Thugs, Harassment and Sabotage

On Monday, November 23, historian David Irving, completed a six-week, multi-city speaking and book tour which took him across the U.S. and covered more than 15,000. The Chicago meeting was a near riot, as free speech fanatics who had dogged him in many cities, hacked his website, stole the names of some of his supporters, tried to storm into a restaurant assaulting supporters and trying to hurl paint on his books.

In Chicago, the quick thinking of his assistant and organizer Jaenelle Antas [to whom Irving isn't always very nice and pictured with Fromm on the left], saved the day. She detected several unsavoury types lurking around the venue. She called the police. In the meantime, about a dozen goons with faces covered with bandanas, tried unsuccessfully to storm the restaurant meeting room. She slammed and locked the door. Frustrated goons slugged a few of David Irving's supporters and then a half dozen of the book banners were arrested. The meeting went on without hitch.

The week of November 16, cyberterrorists hacked David Irving's website, crashed it and learned the venue of meetings in New Jersey and New York City,. Needless to say, threatening phone calls soon persuaded the hotel or hall owners to abandon the traditions of a land that once prided itself on freedom of speech, and cancel the meetings. Other venues were found. In New York City, a last minute change of venue cost Mr. Irving a number of attendees. Still masked thugs, variously identified as JDO (Jewis Defence Organization), One People's Project and ARA (Anti-Racist Action) tried to enter the meeting room until expelled by hotel security. They pepper sprayed Miss Antas and maced a lawyer who was attending Mr. Irving's meeting.

David Irving is the author of several dozen best selling books on World War II and is widely hated by the Holocaust Lobby for his probing questions about some of the dogmas of this new state religion. Zionist lobby efforts have had him banned from Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Along the way, mass complaints got Mr,. Irving's American Express and PayPal accounts cancelled. If the slimy cowards harassing him would ever show their faces out of the ooze that surrounds them, they could be subject to a major lawsuit for conspiracy to deny Mr. Irving hia civil rights.-- Paul Fromm

Wait. Mr. Free Speech said this? speech fanatics who had dogged him in many cities, hacked his website, stole the names of some of his supporters...

Oh, we see. They're free speech fanatics when they do something he doesn't like. We get it now.

Of course, the threat of sanctions for talking about the Tremaine trail isn't about to stop Paulie. We don't know if this is actionable, and we suspect it isn't, but the boy just can't keep his pie hole shut:

Hey, under the picture of Doud Christie, is that Billy Roper? As in the founder of yet another violent racist gang, White Revolution? Why yes, it is! And what does Billy ask?

Of course one would hope that "cultural homogeneity" is pc code for GENETIC homogeneity, since a nation of mulattos who can quote Shakespeare and play the classical violin are still, at base, just mullatos.

Well, perhaps Mr. Christie will have the answer to Billy's question written down:

Er, you misspelled, "Afghan" Dougie.

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Y_I_Otter said...

I just don't get Fromm's selectivity when it comes to defending Free Speech. I mean, his pal Ernst Zündel fought for a ban on the showing of Schindler's List in Canada, and his other pal David Irving, went so far as to attempt to censor a book by an American academic by suing her for libel.

Surely Paul would be dead against such violations of peoples' Freedom of Expression, wouldn't he?