Sunday, November 01, 2009

Paul Fromm: Traveling Man

Paulie has been a busy, busy boy lately, traveling all over Canada to talk about the Lemire case and to raise money for Terry Tremaine.

There has been some speculation in the Canadian anti-racist movement concerning where Paulie, a disgraced former teacher who after having been fired from his teaching position was later stripped of his teaching certification, gets the money to go gallivanting all over North America. In the past, it seems that at least some of that funding may have come from Martin Weiche, however Weiche seems to have soured on Paulie. And we're sure that the nickles and dimes that his supporters from Canada and the United States send CAFE have enabled Paulie to continue to indulge in the red wine he seems to appreciate so much while the same supporters wallow in poverty (his description of his supporters which we've paraphrased). But lately, Paulie has become quite the jet setter.

Why is that?

Could it be the result of a substantial inheritance left to Paulie as a result of papa Fromm's demise?

FREDERICK WILLIAM FROMM, C.A. October 11, 1918 - May 29, 2009 Died suddenly, May 29th in his 91st year, returning from an Elderhostel, having pursued his lifelong love of learning. He did it 'his way'. Survived by his loving son Paul (Diane) of Port Credit and daughter Mary Theresa of Timmins, and beloved grandsons Travis and Logan and granddaughter Emily. Proud Veteran of the Royal Canadian Navy. Chartered Accountant, retired from the Ministry of Highways, Government of Ontario. Doting husband of Marguerite (Michaud), died, 1998 'the love of his life'. Devout Catholic, 'Fred' was a founding member (1959) of Transfiguration of Our Lord Parish (Etobicoke). He was also a founding member (1967), past president and staunch supporter of the Serra Club (Toronto, West). These were his pals: the organization his passion. A world traveller, Fred returned again and again to his beloved Ireland. Fred loved Canada and had travelled in his retirement years to every province. He had a special soft spot for Les Iles-de-la-Madeleine. His son and grandsons remember an 'awesome' boys' vacation when he was 86 to the Hawaiian Islands. Mr. Fromm will be resting at NEWEDIUK FUNERAL HOME, KIPLING CHAPEL, 2058 Kipling Ave. (north of Rexdale Blvd.) on Thursday, June 4 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Funeral Mass will be celebrated from Transfiguration of Our Lord Church, 45 Ludstone Dr., Etobicoke on Friday, June 5, at 10:30 a.m. Cremation to follow. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Serra Foundation of Canada (Suite 1006, 2010 Islington Ave., Toronto, ON, M9P 3S8) are welcomed.

We've been led to believe that the late Mr. Fromm's house, in the Toronto real estate market, could have been sold for at least half a million.

So, as Paulie travels across Canada begging his, "impoverished" supporters to donate to the Terry Tremaine legal fund, we would ask our readers the following questions:

If this case is so important to him, why does Paulie, who apparently would be able to bankroll the defence of Tremaine all on his own dime, travel across the country asking for others to donate for the defence? Wouldn't it be easier for Paulie to simply take the money used for airfare and hotel rooms and put it towards Tremaine's legal fees?

For that matter, as Paulie continues to describe Tremaine's fiscal situation as being especially dire, we wonder if Paulie has done anything to help alleviate Tremaine's current state of poverty?

Speaking of travels, Paulie was in Moncton, NB last Saturday to talk about the Lemire case and to raise money for Tremaine's legal fees:

And here Paulie is with one of those supporters, Jason Stiles:

And here is Jason, along with his friends at the same Moncton meeting, giving a Nazi salute:

From left to right: Tim Fisher Derek Basque, Jason Stiles,
D.R. and Sam Gaudet.

UPDATE: We received the following message:

I hope you moroms know that ["D.R."] is only 14 years old. you fuckers really want to ruin a kid's life by putting his face up here don't you?
all you are fucking scum bags!

Is it just a bit ironic that we're being called morons by people unable to spell the word itself? The person who sent us this message also spelled D.R.'s surname incorrectly.

We make a point of not identifying people under the age of 18, and while we have nothing other than the note above as proof of D.R.'s age, we'd rather be cautious.

But consider this. If these folks are so proud, then why would they be ashamed? So much for White Pride.

We might also suggest that Fisher, Basque, Stiles and Gaudet, all of whom are known adults, may want to consider hanging out with people their own age.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how Fromm Sr. felt about his son supporting the same ideology that he risked his life fighting in WW2?

The elder Fromm risked his life for freedom; what the fuck has his son ever done?

ProfessorVile said...

They've got a Red Ensign in the background. Do they not see the irony is giving a Hitler salute in front of the flag our forces carried into battle AGAINST Hitler?

Anonymous said...

maybe they missed the point of This is England... "duh well those Nazis like that flag!?"