Friday, September 25, 2009

Fromm and CAFE: Libel Payment Made In Full

So you know how Mr. Warman won his libel suit against Paul Fromm. And remember how Paulie lost his appeal and was assessed costs? And remember how Paulie said that he was going to continue to fight until his last, dying, breath?

Okay, we don't remember that last part either.

The point is that we've received word that Paulie has paid, in full, the judgment against him. That would be over $40,000.

Now, where does an unemployed teacher find that kind of scratch? Given how they're always screaming poverty, we can't imagine the racist speaking circuit can pay all that well. And as stupid as we think Paulie is, we can't imagine he's as stupid as his buddy David Duke was when he defrauded his own sheep (who, by the way, promptly forgave and forgot, just like true herd animals).

Interesting in any case.


bigcitylib said...

Exactly. Where do they find the money?

Anonymous said...

same place David Duke has... where does Paul find the money to fly all over the place and have meetings in big hotels? Yeah me thinks it's from his people!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, one would be quite surprised at the amount of money people like him recieve in the form of donations. I've heard of some Far-Right European "leaders" gaining houses,large amount of monies from estates and wills of their supporters. 40K really ain't nothing these days.

This is a prime example of why people donate, to pay for court awards,travel, business (if you want to call it that?).

It's no secret really, unless you're not involved or your "agents" are too dimwitted to see.