Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Public Split Between Aryan Guard and Former Aryan Guard (W.E.B.) Continues

Oh, "Ryan Adler," how we've come to love your wit and wisdom.

Actually, Ryan Adler isn't his real name, at least not his complete name. We've referred to him in the past as R.L. as he's one of the Aryan Guard groupies who is too young to shave (though he insists that he is old enough to shave and, in fact does)but old enough to puff out his chest and act like a tough guy online...... and who wears a mask in public.

Well lately R.L. has been posting his charming repartee on opposition Facebook groups, including the one promoting the anti-fascist rally on October 10. However our favourite exchanges are occurring on the wall of the, "F*** the Aryan Guard, Stop Racism" group. We'll cut to the chase and post the best of the bunch so far:

Not long ago Reitmeier called the members of the Aryan Guard, "posers." Now an Aryan Guard loyalist adds flames to the fire by not only calling into question W.E.B.'s fidelity to the cause, but also calls every W.E.B. member out as a drug user.

Didn't we say something about internal politics eventually breaking this gang apart?

Pull up a chair and have some popcorn. The show is sure to continue.


Anonymous said...

Lol you think someone could turn his backwards flag around before calling someone a poser. And why are "Aryan Guards" crest color's the color of Syria red,white,black the german one is black,white,red Omg talk about putting your foot in your mouth. Syran Guard lol

TorontoSHARP said...

If one were to want to shove that foot just a little deeper down the AG's throat, one might want to let them know who the Aryans were

Anonymous said...

seriously... either the photo is a mirror image and he's 'heiling' (a cab maybe?) with his left hand or he has his flag backwards. somebody needs to revoke this kid's nazi membership card.