Monday, September 28, 2009

Anti-Fascist Rally in Calgary: October 10

In case you're trying to think of something to do around the Thanksgiving long weekend other than stuffing yourself full of turkey and pie, consider the following invitation, our dear readers, to participate in the following rally:

On October 10th at 1pm, there will be an anti fascist/ anti racist rally in Bridgeland. We will be meeting at 1st ave and 8a st. There will be a march and afterward there will be free food. Everyone should come out to this event, and bring lots of friends.

Free food? Well, we suppose that given the season, a communal meal of some sort is inevitable.


Anonymous said...

Great way to get the AG out and see who's still involved. We think you'll be shocked.

AG is quiet. Ontario is where things are really cooking.

Anonymous said...

Ontario? nothing is happening in ontario.

TorontoSHARP said...

Judging from all the "resistance" some of the anti-racists have seen in Ontario (2 boneheads and a flag running away) I think Ontario is pretty much safe from the boneheads.

Anonymous said...

There is definitely Fascist activity in Ontario. The City of Kitchener has at least two notable dens, one of which is a small complex.