Friday, September 25, 2009

Fairness Fairy: Secret Agent Man (or Woman..... But Likely Man)

And who might this, "Fairness Fairy" be? We'll get to that soon, but please, read on.

We've been aware of the online presence of the "Fairness Fairy" and his (or her) blog for some time. The blog has claimed to be providing information on the Marc Lemire hearings but aside from sexually degrading women and antisemitic rhetoric, it really hasn't offered really anything new. However, recently there was a big reveal. The "Fairness Fairy" is, according to the author, a CHRC mole.

Oh, we mean whistleblower. Our bad.

Our avid reader Jay Currie promptly posted the article on his blog and then scampered to Free Dominion to spread the good news:

Not long after, Mr. Kathy Shaidle chimed in on the subject on his blog:
Uppierdate: Rumours afoot of a possible Op-Ed by the "Whistleblower" in a major paper  
Upperdate: This just gets curiouser and curiouser, here's the promised post by our self-described "Whistleblower".
Now, while many of the FreeDom denizens are rejoicing at the prospect of someone with inside the operations willing and eager to bring the whole thing down, not all is happy in Whoville. Some who have decided to turn on the logic portion of their brains are justifiably suspicious by this new claim by "Fairness Fairy." Others are downright disgusted:

So where does "Narrow Back's" ire come from? We'll allow him to explain in his own words and using direct quotes from the "Fairness Fairy" blog:

How vulgar were some of the comments made by the "Fairness Fairy"? None other than Edward Kennedy, EDWARD KENNEDY, has voiced his disapproval:

Well, unexpected, and slightly awkward, kudos to "Narrow Back" and Kennedy. We're sure they appreciate the shout out by us.

Well, it looks like the heat was a little too much for the, "Fairness Fairy" who promptly removed all of his (or her) earlier posts, no doubt to be scrubbed clean and made more respectable for public consumption:

UPDATE 1: How much do we love Google Cache? Now, "Fairness Fairy" and some of his posts will live on in spite of his removing them.

Hey, we're just doing all we can in the name of free speech.

A variety of posts found here
Well, the real issue is who exactly the "Fairness Fairy" is. Is this blog writer truly a disgruntled CHRC whistleblower who is mad as hell and not going to take it any more? We're somewhat dubious given the racist and antisemitic garbage previously posted on his (or her) blog. But who is he (or she)? 'Tis a mystery that will never be solve it would appear given the difficulties of determing online identities.


You see, the name, "Fairness Fairy" seemed really, really familiar to us. We put our little egg heads together to try and remember where we've heard that name before. Then it hit us. Not only had we seen this name before, we actually wrote an article in which the "Fairness Fairy" was mentioned:

Marc Lemire Edits His Own Wikipedia Article 

Marc was caught and banned for editing his own Wikipedia articles using the online pseudonym, "Veritas-Canada" and for engaging in an editing war on Richard Warman's Wiki page. It was also discovered that, in addition to the "Veritas-Canada" pseudonym, Marc was also using at least two and perhaps three sockpuppet pseudonyms.

One sockpuppet might have been RachaelMartinez,

Another was confirmed as MJMurphy-TREB,

And the final one was FairnessFairy2:

As the Wiki says, Please refer to this Checkuser request for evidence:


These three accounts are almost exclusively dedicated to editing the article Marc Lemire in a similar fashion. As well, Veritas-Canada and FairnessFairy are both used as aliases of Marc Lemire off of wikipedia while RachaelMartinez is a name chosen to mock Shane Ruttle Martinez, one of Lemire's real life critics and, in addition to editing the article on Marc Lemire, the RachaelMartinez account is vandalizing the article on Shane Martinez. (talk) 00:56, 20 August 2008 (UTC)
  • Veritas, Fairness and MJM are Confirmed, Rachel is on an unrelated IP but in a similar geographic location and could be blocked for the user name and edits even without confirmation. Thatcher 01:07, 20 August 2008 (UTC)
  • Clerk note: Blocked all accounts indefinitely. Nishkid64 (Make articles, not wikidrama) 01:30, 20 August 2008 (UTC)
Put us down as suspicious column.

UPDATE 2: Hey, it would seem that not only is the "Fairness Fairy" a top secret special super agent, but he's also claiming to be a construction worker from West Virginia on Stormfront. Where does he find the time to build houses AND fight super villains? Yet another mystery:
All of these posts were made to Stormfront between June 9 and July 7, 2008.

UPDATE 3: Well the folks at FreeDom are having none of this. No, it makes much more sense that this the "Fairness Fairy" blog is either a massive CHRC conspiracy that has been in the works since 2006....

....or that "Fairness Fairy" is exactly who he says he is and the racist, antisemitic, and misogynistic were all just part of an elaborate ruse to throw off anyone who might later investigate the mole (er, whistleblower):

Glad these sleuths are both on the case. After all, Lemire has always used his own name on the Internet and as we all know, no one ever lies online. That, and:

Well we suppose he's got us there. And we should know. After all, we in the ARC Collective operate out of Malawi. Since no one ever lies on the Internet, we expect our detractors and supporters will now begin to address us in Chichewa out of respect.

But the final nail in the coffin is that, unlike "Narrow Back" and his mountain of evidence that the "Fairness Fairy" blog may, in fact, be a CHRC black op led by BigCityLib commentor "Ti-Guy" that in time will no doubt involve black helicopters, UN occupation of government lands, and FEMA controlled concentration camps set up to house the speechies (after all, borders mean nothing to the New World Order), we have absolutely no evidence for our hypothesis apparently:

Wow, how did he figure it out? How did he know that we would get the administrators on Wikipedia to investigate Veritas-Canada to determine that he and his sockpuppets were engaging in unethical Wiki edits? And that more than a year later, one of those sockpuppets would come out to claim that he is, in fact, a CHRC mole (er.... whistleblower)?

Geniuses! Geniuses, we say!


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Those google caches may not be around forever. I suggest you catalogue the screen-caps.

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Seems the Stormfront post has been removed. Now how many people can get this their Stormfront posts scrubbed that quickly. I can think of one... Lemire.

Kurt Phillips said...

No, the links are still there right now. We just messed up. It's fixed now

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