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Saturday, August 24, 2019

The Mess That Is Hamilton

The Canadian Yellow Vest members in the Hamilton area continue to hold their Saturday rallies and they've been as wacky as anything YVC has organized so far.

On August 10th Yellow Vest and very troubled man Martin Brousseau drove his destined-for-the-scrap-heap bus onto the sidewalk towards counter protesters. Dubbed the "Hate Bus" by anti-racist and antifascist counter protesters, Hamilton police officers negotiated with Brousseau to move the bus for a reported 30 minutes before he finally moved that dilapidated piece of shit.

We've covered Brousseau previously:
However, even we were surprised at his boldness, given that he brought gear to detain people with and told the Hamilton cops he would do so, with anyone he deemed causing trouble. 
After the Hamilton police managed to politely convince Brousseau to move the Hate Bus, they arrested a counter protester, claiming they had made a "disturbance." They now face charges of resisting arrest for an arrest which was completely unwarranted to begin with.

This also emboldened the yellow vest crowd, resulting in a truly disgusting display: 
In attendance at the Hamilton rallies is a woman, who according to Brousseau's videos is Ukrainian, that goes by the first name Lily/Lilia. She has been spotted throwing roman salutes the week before, regularly sports Canadian Nationalist Party apparel, and engages in hate speech and violence. She attends other far-right events, including C3 in Ottawa and PEGIDA in Toronto.
Justin Long has attempted to denounce Lily, however considering his willingness to ally himself with other nazis such as Paul Fromm and Kevin Goudreau I don't see what the point is.

"Jack Smith"/Confederate Shirt Guy was also there.
Also confirmed in attendance has been Duke Willis:
The Hamilton yellow vest rallies have been problematic for some time, particularly with the violent attack on Hamilton Pride. That being said, counter-demonstrations have been growing and now completely dwarf the Yellow Vests. Interestingly, Duke Willis has put forth a strategy for sidewalk protests instead of rallies in order to avoid  counter protests.
I'm taking that as a sign that their rallies in Hamilton are floundering. The Yellow Vest movement has been fading away across the country, but their associated hate groups are still around and we'll continue to document the hate and violence from them.

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