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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Far Right Infighting Part ∞: Ron Banerjee vs. Goldy Supporters

So one of the bigger stories in the world of Canadian far-right personalities was that Faith Goldy willingly gave up on Twitter to spend more time in thoughtful contemplation. However this might be more meaningful if (a) I was convinced she will stay off Twitter and (b) didn't have nearly half a dozen other social media avenues through which she can continue to be an awful human being:

Goldy has become polarizing even for members of the far right. There are those out there who venerate her as a sort of virgin "Madonna of the Rocks" figure and those who came to loathe her for"selling out by trying to appeal to "the ethnics" during her Toronto mayoral campaign; her alleged relationship with Richard Spencer might have answered the virgin part.

I'm here all week folks! Try the veal and make sure you tip your server!

In any case, we have an instance now where people have taken a firm side on the argument.

Despite his recent humiliation and groveling apology, Rob Banerjee still has to Ron Banerjee. He's still active in anti-Muslim protests and his Hindu nationalism has perhaps become even more overt of late.

He also continues to style himself as Canada's #1 Trump fan and defender:

When Faith Goldy was critical of Indian and Chinese immigrants in some of her last Twitter posts, well, Banerjee went on the attack using Trump as a hustification. This resulted in an extended argument by a few others but especially one Ryan Walker who I've seen posting on numerous extremist Facebook groups

Now this thread was quite mild compared to what came later as Walker posted this on Banerjee's wall:

Yep, 220 comments.

I'm not about to re-post ALL of them, however the ones I will post are instructive. To summarize Banerjee continues to troll, write about the superiority of Hindus and Hindu culture, attack Muslims, and claim that women find him desirable. Ryan Walker and his supporters continue to state that non-Europeans need to "go home", quote white supremacists such as William Pierce, echo Trump's language ("go back where you come from" and "shithole countries"), hint at a violent "purge" of non-European Canadians as being imminent, and then threaten to find and harm Banerjee who bravely provides them with an obviously false address claiming that he's not afraid of them.

It really is quite the show:

Banerjee is writing about a letter to the editor he had published
years ago. He was not paid for this contribution
Now it is interesting that Walker, who writes about race traitors, the inherent superiority of white people, and that immigration should end and mass deportation of non-white Canadians must begin, is demanding Banerjee post his picture. Thanks to ARC and others such pictures are not difficult to find, but there haven't been any photos of Ryan Walker published outside his Facebook profile:

I'm not sure if I'd wear that suit myself, but you do you.

Now this photo comes from a collection of photos in a wedding album posted by Walker from 2014. In that album he is photographed with his, at least as of then, lovely bride who appears to be.... well.... not of European heritage:

I don't know if Walker is still married to this lovely young woman (if he is, she could do better), but it is interesting that his online rhetoric about non-white people sort of flies in the face of his own life choices.

Yeah, lol indeed.

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