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Sunday, August 11, 2019

Atomwaffen-Linked Extremist in Las Vegas Arrested: Connection to Barrie, ON Man

A Las Vegas security guard was arrested this past Friday in relation to a plot to attack a number of targets including synagogues and a bar that he believed served primarily the LGTBQ community in the city. The arrest came during the aftermath of two mass shootings in the United States, one of which was linked to white supremacist extremism and which resulted in the deaths of 22 people in El Paso, Texas, and the rise of far right domestic terrorism not just in the United States but world wide (an attack on an mosque which was inspired by the murders in Christchurch and El Paso occurred today in Norway though thankfully no one died).

The man arrested in Las Vegas, Conor Climo, had been in the news a few years ago when he was profiled by local media. He was engaged in a one-person, heavily armed, "patrol" of a Las Vegas neighborhood:

Climo was communicating with individuals associated with Atomwaffen Division (AWD), a violent hate group that has already been linked to at least five murders in the United States. AWD also has a presence in Canada:

Recently propaganda linked to an AWD affiliated group, The Base, was located in Manitoba and Saskatchewan:

However there's also another interesting link between Climo and Canada.

Posting under the username "B1488" Climo was active primarily in the Traditionalist Worker Party server. Using the handle "B1488" Climo was active from April 11 to September 5, 2017 posting a total of 2,766 times.

However at this point for some reason he was unable to continue using this handle. On September 18, Climo began posting under his new username "Sir88":

It was while using this handle, which was active from September 18, 2017 to February 11, 2019 that Climo became acquainted with Lukas (Luke) Danford who posted on Discord in the Traditionalist Worker Party as "Tarnfurt":

ARC has written about twice Danford before. The incident being referenced in Danford's introduction to the other members of the server above was the event that Kevin "No Show" Goudreau organized where he not surprisingly no-showed. Danford on the other hand did show up and, well.....

We also learned that Danford was active on 8chan where he wrote about his participation in Faith Goldy's anti-immigration protest:

Getting back to the interaction between Climo and Danford. On the same day that Danford (posting as "Tarnfurt") joined the Traditionalist Worker Party's Discord server, a man shooting out of his hotel room into a crowd of people at a country music concert killed 58 individuals (note that the Discord chat indicates it is October 2 while the shooting occurred October 1, but this might be due to the location of the server perhaps?). This act resulted in a lengthy discussion which Climo (Sir88), Danford (Tarnfurt), and others speculate that the shooter was an antifa supporter, claim it was a false flag to take weapons, and the possibility of violent retribution against perceived enemies:

One of the more telling parts of the discussion was when it turned to violence:

And this is the point where we have to state why ARC continues to be concerned with Lukas Danford. In the screenshot above Danford is referencing a point he made regarding the Goudreau-organized event where he was the only neo-Nazi to have shown up and his desire to murder the anti-fascists:

On another occasion he claimed that he was planning on emigrating to the United States to participate in an armed division of the Traditionalist Worker Party:

When it is suggested there is no paramilitary branch of the Traditionalist Worker Party, Danford writes he may just join a "boomer militia" so that he could at least acquire weapons training:

And finally Danford expressed his own admiration for the AWD, the group that Climo was linked to as well as a group that is already responsible for a number of murders.

So given what we've been seeing lately about the radicalization of young white males, perhaps those in some sort of position of authority MIGHT want to look into Lukas Danford of Barrie, ON whose father appears to be a prominent real estate appraiser?

Just throwing that out there.

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