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Monday, August 12, 2019

Peace Bond Issued Against Kevin Goudreau Who Probably Complicated His Life Even Further Without Actually Realizing It

Why are the pretty ones so dumb?

Well okay, perhaps "pretty" isn't an apropos descriptor for Kevin or Lily?

Back in June Blood and Honour/Combat 18 was declared to be outlawed terrorist organizations and thus banned in Canada. Not long after, the folks on Stormfront, including Goudreau, began to post furiously about the injustice of it all:

One of my favorite parts of the thread is "Cydonia" whining about how the designation is racist against white people:


I mean there were literally jihadist terrorist groups mentioned as also being banned in the same document.

And there is already an extensive list in Canada of terrorists affiliated with all sorts of extremist views.

But you keep crying persecution there Cydonia!

Also of interest is a person who once was featured quite heavily on the blog at one point when he was associated with the Aryan Guard and Blood and Honor but who had fallen a bit off my radar:

Bill Noble would like to suggest that the folks with Blood & Honour were persecuted, innocent, little lambs, however he seemed to know a great deal about the propensity for violence in the hate group as evidenced by the secrete chat with an administrator for the Blood and Honour International Forum:

Noble is referring to the attempted murder of Tyler Sturrup via pipe bomb that Kyle McKee and an underage accomplice were implicated in. Though attempted murder charges against McKee were eventually dropped (he was convicted of possession of bomb making materials) it seems clear that Noble was much more aware of McKee's involvement than he had let on.

Incidentally when I originally posted the screen shot about, it resulted in a rather robust discussion:

Robert "German_Pride" Reitmeier and Tyler Sturrup would eventually be charged and convicted of murder.

But back to the present. Kevin Goudreau seems to believe that the banning of Blood and Honour is an opportunity:

Now when he claimed here that Blood and Honour would be "absorbed" I should have realized what he was implying at the time. You see Kevin "No Show" Goudreau has a nearly 30 year history of self-aggrandizement. He is the Walter Mitty of Canadian white supremacist as Goudreau has claimed to have been at the center of every significant event in the history of the Canadian racist movement since 1989. He has also claimed to be the "real" leader of the Canadian movement and demanded other hate groups acknowledge what he presents as fact.

Of COURSE he would try to recruit Blood and Honour members!

Given his track record other Stormfront Canada posters (and these days there aren't that many of them) are rather skeptical of No-Show's organizational prowess and his ability to follow through with plans. Goudreau offers his participation in the Canadian Combat Coalition-organized march on Parliament Hill.... which never actually made it to Parliament Hill and which if possible was even more poorly attended than their last rather sad effort:

It might be instructive to know that Goudreau's participation in another CCC event and proposed participation in a scuttled WCAI event that would have begun with a torch march through Toronto such as which occurred in Charlottesville probably was less than helpful to their causes. Dan Dubois and the other CCC members/supporters can't claim they don't know that Goudreau is a Nazi this time:

I do appreciate that No-Show Goudreau also seems to be taking credit for this event as well:

However it seems that he is having difficulty convincing people that his White Canadian Nationalist Front is actually a real thing:

Now while Noble appears befuddled, Goudreau does get some love from another user:

Hey, Kevin Goudreau running for Max Bernier's PPC wouldn't actually be especially surprising these days.

Here's why this might make No-Show's life a little more difficult though:

I'm quite sure that Goudreau hadn't considered this, but he was fighting the imposition of a peace bond.

Guess how that turned out today?

I wonder how the judge who adjudicated the case felt about Goudreau trying to recruit members of a violent terrorist group recently declared illegal by the Canadian government?

Image result for things that make you go hmmm gif

I'm sure Travis Patron of the Canadian Nationalist Party appreciates the support.

UPDATE 1: Not surprisingly Rick Boswick and Yellow Vester "Lily" are upset.

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