Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Attempted Murder Charges Dropped in McKee Case

Looks like Kyle McKee won't have to suffer in the cold, cold Calgary Remand Centre any more:

Attempted murder charges dropped against accused Calgary bomber

White supremacist Kyle Robert McKee pleads guilty to making explosives

By Daryl Slade, Calgary Herald

May 18, 2010 11:05 AM

CALGARY - A self-professed white supremacist has been absolved of two attempted murder charges relating to homemade bomb being planted outside a northeast townhouse last November.

Crown prosecutor Rajbir Dhillon withdrew those two charges, as well as one count each of arson and possessing a weapon dangerous to the public against Kyle Robert McKee, 24, after he pleaded guilty to one count of making explosives for devices found in a search of his home later the same day as the bomb incident.

He was to be released later on Tuesday after being given double credit by provincial court Judge Peter Barley for five months already spent in remand since his arrest in December.

Defence lawyer Adriano Iovinelli made it clear to court that McKee had maintained his innocence in connection with the Nov. 21 incident at the home on Rundlehorn Drive.

Dhillon told court that Carolyne Anne Kwiatek believed she was the target of two culprits she saw outside her balcony early that morning.

She awoke her boyfriend Tyler Sturrup, who grabbed the two explosive devices, which had been lit, and threw them into the parking lot. One of them exploded and the other failed.

Screws, nails, coins and ratchet bits were found in the other device.

Police were not able to tell what type of liquid was used to make the bombs.

Police then obtained a search warrant for McKee's residence and found similar explosive devices, which led to the guilty plea.

They also found sawed-off rifle stocks and barrels in the home.

McKee was also placed on probation for one year and prohibited from having any contact with either of the victims, as well as a youth who was originally facing the same charges.

Dhillon said he previously withdrew charges against the youth, because of an unlikelihood of conviction.

McKee had been scheduled to face a two-day preliminary hearing starting May 27, which would have been held to determine if there was sufficient evidence to send it to trial at Court of Queen's Bench.


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Looks like the Crown decided that they didn't want to bother making a case. After all, when you find explosive materials that can be linked to a bombing, it must be a tough nut to crack. We wonder if McKee had an Arab-sounding name if this little effort would be put into the case?

It's easier to take a plea to lesser charges than to keep Calgarians safe. A pity, but not unexpected.

No doubt the remnants of the Aryan Guard will be celebrating McKee's release, however he does have some pretty strict conditions that he will need to follow in order to stay out of jail.

And we will be watching.


Anonymous said...

I have to trust that our justice system is doing its best but I am thankful for ARC's watchfulness. McKee is still a nazi and a retard.

Rae said...

Can Somebody please explain to me why people get double credit for time served? I've seen this a few times and just don't understand why it happens.

Anonymous said...

No charges for running from the cops? Driving without a license?

If this was an anti-racist they'd be up to their ears in charges and the crown would send them to trial even if there wasn't a likelihood of conviction, just to cost us money and time. McKee gets treated with kid gloves just like every other white supremacist. It's like the justice system just feels sorry for them or something.

Anonymous said...

He must've ratted pretty hard to beat charges like those.

Anonymous said...

No justice ever from the authorities. I put my hope in the active anti-racists.

Anonymous said...

I know you guys are sticklers for detail and all that, but - "Murder Charges Dropped?"

Don't you mean, "Attempted Murder Charges Dropped?"

Kurt Phillips said...

Yep. Fixed. Thanks for catching that.

Anonymous said...

The saddest part about this is that McKee and the rest of those goons will have learned absolutely nothing.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say this hole thing should have never happened and I hope he learned his lesson..And gets the help he needs!!


Anonymous said...

"He must've ratted pretty hard to beat charges like those".

Not really. Look at who the Crown probably had as witnesses. Do you think Tyler would make a good creditable witness? The guy has tattoos on his forehead does he not? He has links to W.E.B, a rap sheet with a few convictions for violence, plus who is to say he'd even show up at court.

Don't really act shocked he walked, everyone knew it would happen.

Admin said...

You get double credit for time served because the conditions you are held in and while assumed innocent are shit, and in fact I oppose getting rid of this because it would be unjust to lumpen class kanadians.

I also wonder what kind of snitching Kyle did to get off this easy,

I am Iron Man said...

" Anonymous said...

He must've ratted pretty hard to beat charges like those."

He's not like the W.E.B boys, they have the tendency to do that.

" Anonymous said...

No justice ever from the authorities. I put my hope in the active anti-racists."

Anti-racists can't do sh*t all. Unless you plan on using violent means in which I highly doubt you're peaceful ways at protests are shown. Finally going to use the pen before the sword now are we?

Anonymous said...


Is there a protest planned?

soup can man said...

RAT plain and simple.No doubt about it .Look out underage girls.......

Anonymous said...

He must have played "let's make a deal" to make that go away. The whole "Kyle wouldn't do that" thing that his buddies are posting is ridiculous - he's got no principles. It's cute, though, that you white supremacists still look up to him after he tries to bomb one of your own. I guess when you're a fascist you've got to substitute loyalty for brains.

Anonymous said...

add me to the list of people who thinks the cps like to give local nazis an easy ride.

reitmeir gets his attempted murder charge dropped, now mckee gets his dropped too. nothing ever seems to stick to these guys. either they're criminal masterminds who can beat the system, or the system gives them a free ride.

i kinda doubt it's the former.

Anonymous said...
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KB. said...

I ain't got nothing to say to this. What bullshit. The Canadian justice system is a friggin joke. I swear, anything short of a mass murdering spree gets a slap on the wrist and a kick out the door. Makes me wonder where all my tax $$$ are going.

Anonymous said...

'They also found sawed-off rifle stocks and barrels in the home.'

too bad he got rid of all the actual firearms just before he set the bombs off. Everybody knows that. Would have made for some great charges since he is not allowed weapons.

Way to go cps, way to go!