Wednesday, May 05, 2010

RNTalks About the Aryan Guard

We hadn't heard much from RN for the better part of a year. We did follow his activities as much as we could online, but even there his activity, such that we were aware of it, was sporadic at best. In some ways it seems that he dropped off the face of the earth...... again. You see, there was a period of time that we can't speak about where RN was quiet for entirely different reasons. During that time, his friends in the Aryan Guard really didn't do much to help RN, at least from our point of view.

Imagine our *surprise when RN sent us this little message regarding his current feelings about the Aryan Guard:

I ceased all contact with the Aryan Guard and its associates in a time frame nearing a year in the coming months. Originally I figured spectators of the so called "movement" would catch on from the vine of childish gossip and drunken banter, but I am tired of waiting for this disassociation to be recognized and my name to no longer be associated with those I do not even pay notice to. I do not see eye to eye with the methods and typical lifestyles of many of those who seem to use partitions of this belief system as a cloak for their own selfish, hypocritical wants, and their apparent needs. There are some solid idealists out there entrapped within the denial that the methods being used have any long term positive impact, however, in the mass scheme of things, the mass of the movements followers are just as much sheep as those they fight against.

Its a major turnoff to anyone who actually has their minds fixated on a perspective of realism when you have people running around claiming to be soldiers when they have no discipline, claiming honor when they bare none, and claiming they are going to make change when they can't even comprehend a realistic approach to surmount life's obstacles.

So there you have it. According to RN, he has rejected the Aryan Guard and no longer associates with the members.

Just to be clear, RN is still a bonehead. However, we're more than happy to add his comments to the long list of criticism concerning the Aryan Guard and its membership, past and present.

*We actually weren't really all that surprised.

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