Monday, May 24, 2010

Kevin Goudreau Is Delusional Part 102,091,199,347,162,831

Sometimes you just have to laugh at the ineptitude of boneheads.

This coming weekend there's going to be a conference in Toronto: Marxism 2010. Now, being that there are really no communist members of the Collective (the closest some of us come to that ideology would be champagne socialists). So considering we don't really have a dog in that hunt, we were inclined not to provide any commentary.

Except that boneheads really don't like communists, so we knew that if we waited long enough one of our subjects in Toronto would make the discovery that the "reds" were coming to town, and hilarity would then ensue.

Known arsonist and snazzy dresser Richard "Lurch" Martin did not let us down:

We note the following:

1. People who might try to follow the link might have difficulty reaching their destination, as this idiot savant (minus the savant part) didn't quite spell "conference" right. Also, it should be ".ca" not ".com" Hey, chin up sport! You tried your best, but for future reference, we would like to introduce you to the handy "cut n' past" feature on your computer. Might save some embarrassment in the long run.

2. When the people whom Martin associate with try to, "smash reds" it usually involves following from a distance and well out of sight (or so they believe), perhaps shouting a few Nazi slogans before fleeing with their tails between their legs, and then declaring victory. Oh yes, those reds sure were smashed! Alternatively, they sit in puddles and smack themselves.

3. While they might try to prey on individuals, we really don't think too many will view these folks as much of a threat, especially when you see who they're hanging out with now. Try to figure out who we're talking about:

Oh sweet Mary Lou! It's Kevin Goudreau. Just when you think that Benson, Gaio and Martin couldn't sink any lower, they literally scrape the bottom of the barrel. In another picture below, Goudreau is hidden behind Gaio. Consider that to be foreshadowing your future relationship boys.

We had actually promised ourselves we weren't going to mention Goudreau, a "man" who has found himself on the outs with every single group of boneheads he's been associated with, anymore on this blog. Even boneheads think he's a sideshow freak, and we don't want to pick on someone who should likely be in a mental health facility for a couple of years to get his head on straight.

But Kevin. Baby. You just make it so damn easy for us.

The fact that Goudreau has found people stupider than he is (no mean feat, let us tell you) who presumably buy has "Aryan God" and "Chairman" shtick has resulted in Goudreau becoming a bit more frisky. So much so that he's gone on the offensive.

A few months back. Goudreau tried to associate himself with the Calgary White Pride march which, we needn't have to remind our dear readers, didn't turn out so well. In fact he sort of tried to make it sound as if he was running the show:

In response, John Marleau attempted to set the record straight (you know you're dealing with the lowest of the low when Marleau looks to be the least self-deluded by comparison):

Marleau didn't comment much after that, however last week began a deluge of posts as Chairman "Aryan God" Goudreau began a recruiting campaign for the Chapters of his White Nationalist Front across Canada. We can only guess that the voices in his head were lonely and wanted company. One of the first things he did was to return to the previous thread from February concerning the White Pride march which he failed to attend. Spoiler Alert. He has an excuse:

Hmmm, Marleau says there's no WNF in Calgary. Well, Goudreau says there is. AND there are members in it who Marleau might know:

In addition to returning to the thread above, Goudreau posted the following in every single Canadian sub-forum on Stormfront:

And then there was this claim:

Things start to get ugly soon after. It seems there are quite a few people posting on Stormfront who really don't want to be associated with people like Goudreau:

And it all goes pretty much down hill from there:

As much fun as this was, that he's pissing off other bonehead groups is hilarious. Suffice it to say that Blood and Honour out in B.C. aren't pleased with his efforts to recruit in what they consider to be their territory:

To which Goudreau diplomatically replies:

Haven't lost a fight in 15 years, eh?

Everyone, meet Kevin Goudreau of 15 years ago, the Fedor Emelianko of the Canadian White Nationalist movement.

But wait. Did that straight talker change something? One of the readers suggested that he edited his reply to "Model":

Damn. It is too bad we have no idea how to find out what Kevin said originally. Oh well, we guess it will remain a mystery. Unless...

Oh, we can't fool you! We managed to save a screen shot before Kevin changed it. But we aren't going to post it. Instead, we'll post Bill Noble's reply. He saved it too:

Gee. Noble is getting into this too. People must really, really hate Kevin Goudreau. But that inconvenient reality doesn't stop Kevin who, to paraphrase Adam Savage, has rejected that reality and has substituted his own:

Does "O'neil bc's" invitation sound a bit ominous to you too? Or maybe not.

Perhaps you should head on to Vancouver to meet the Blood and Honour crew for high tea, Kevin? We mean, what could possibly happen?

There are more posts going at Goudreau, but these ones sort of typify the responses he's received. But Goudreau hasn't gotten the hint yet. Instead, he's still trying to convince everyone that he's a big deal in the Canadian bonehead movement:

Uhm, Kevin. If you're a "seasoned veteran" who can avoid infiltration, why is it that you keep adding us and other anti-racists as Facebook friends every time you have to create a new profile? We don't even have to request to be added; we're amongst the first you re-add all on your own.

Ah, the appeal to authority. Yep, he changed his profile to one where he's standing beside Paulie as if that's supposed to give him any added credibility. Of course, that Paulie has said some pretty negative things about Goudreau in private is irrelevant.

Then again, we don't think this last ditch effort to cow the masses by Goudreau has had the desired effect:


But although the people who you're trying to impress and/or lord over don't seem to respect you, you will always remain in our hearts Kevin. You are the Clown Prince of the Canadian White Nationalist. The Pied Piper of drug addled 20-something males and preteen females.

You are a microcosm of the White Nationalist movement rolled up into one single stereotypical bonehead.

Kevin Goudreau, you had us at hello.


SoulPuncher said...

Kevin Goudreau's four chapters, LOL.

One barely-legal youth in Oshawa doesn't constitute a chapter. Correct me if I'm wrong. Also, If I'm not mistaken as to whom the other affiliate may be, the straight edge lone ranger and mere aquaintance of K. Goudreau, located in Ottawa, definitely doesn't roll the way these boys do. That barely existant Facebook relationship definitely wouldn't constitute a chapter in Ottawa either. The handful of Kevin's bar mates in Toronto snort blow and set flags on fire whilst sharing their girlfriends amongst eachother. Is this chapter 3? Is anyone of "The Movement" in Calgary capable of pushing a pen that Isn't Bill Noble? Is there more than perhaps one Cargaryan who doesn't think the "Chairman of the White Nationalist Front" isn't a small and babbling crazy person? Who's chapter 4? Kat Hibler? LOL

TorontoSHARP said...

Next time someone beats him up I hope they force him and his strange nipples to wear a shirt...

SoulPuncher said...

On the contrary. Don't beat him up. [Not that YOU would]
Whoever would do so, by default, becomes more retarded than he is. Punching babies is irrational. If the "Good Guys" can't help the incapacitated weaklings to rise above, the festering and unwilling weaklings ought to be cast out - Condemned and Forsaken. Have mercy on this poor Boob! LOL @ Strange Nipples.

Anonymous said...

A Kevin Godreau article is always good for a chuckle, thanks.

There are a few typos in your article though. When you're making fun of others, it's a good idea to have all of your own "I's" dotted and "T's" crossed. As well, why do you include idiot savants in the mix? Idiots would have been fine. I have a high-functioning, autistic relative (Aspergers), and I am loathe to read anything that makes fun of them on any level. Just leaves a bad taste in my mouth from a blog I expect a higher standard of. Sorry.

Otherwise, good article

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as the WNF,I've never heard of a group called the WNF in calgary never mind believing it's a big group that's oh so mighty powerful.

P.S - Goudreau, I suggest you get psychiatric help because believing you are the almighty leader of a group that doesn't exist is rather bad for the brain. You're whacko buddy.

Anonymous said...

Ahahaha I went to his white-front website for laughs and I got some. These guys cannot seriously believe some of this shit can they? Honestly, it kind of proves that racists are complete morons--it would take five minutes of their time to do some research, hell, using a right-wing source even, to find that their beliefs are so far wrong it is ridiculous. Apparently their is a cure for homosexuality (which is actually just a chemical imbalance, of course) and all non-white people are here illegally to steal jobs and rape and murder white women and children. There is no doubt in my mind that, even excluding Native Americans, there is a shitload of non-white families that have been here much longer than his family has.
Oh, and I reported the site to, because it is against their rules and I find the thought of him logging on to find it gone hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Goudreau is like a bad smell. No matter how times he gets his teeth knocked loose, he always comes back. Kevin, why not just go back with your Jewish girlfriend Reckzin, a person who may just except you.

Anonymous said...

Kevin and his false dreams, like the time back in the 90's when he announced the HF was throwing a "AryanFest" (LOL), much to dismay of the HF, who had no idea that they were.

Kevin, why don't you just run along and go play with your ARA girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of bad spelling lurch spelled his own name wrong on his facebook page a couple of years back. Good ol' Richrad didn't correct it for months.

Todd Goldstein (Conroy) said...

Can you imagine the fun if Goudreau and his merry band of idoits squared up with the even more idiotic "Blood and Honor Canada"?

What would Vikki do? Why, she'd run back to to David Lane's grave and sob about all the infighting.

What would the long hair hippies do? They'd run back to their bag of weed and Black Metal record collections.

What would 'Roid Shawn do? Why, he'd run back to his Native Canadian Wife (Not like he needs a reason too).

What would Kevin He'd go back from under the rock he crawled out from and re-surface 5 years from now, with an even bigger ego.

Would you pay for such entertainment? I would!