Thursday, February 11, 2010

Seems Like People Miss Us

Just letting our dear readers know that we're still around and not going anywhere. February has, historically, been a month that we take a bit of a break from the blog. However we are currently doing a little bit of research and digging up a little bit of information for future articles.

For example, right now we're trying to figure out why Dustyn Johnson and Robert Reitmeier (Vladimir Tepes) now appear to have some administrative control of the Aryan Guard forum. Very, very curious.

For now we will share a story with our dear readers who are not in the know. This story is how Puddles got his nickname.

As we spent time learning more about Mike Gaio, we noticed that there were a number of people who referred to him as Puddles. We also noticed that Gaio really hated that name and argued that the event it referred to never took place.

Our interest piqued, we contacted a friend who we believed could let us in on this apparent inside joke. This is the story that friend told us:

There were a group of S.H.A.R.P. skins and redskins having a drink together at a local pub. Gaio, apparently drunk, saw them and tried to cause trouble. The group confronted Gaio and gave him an option; fight like a man or he might as well sit in a nearby puddle and slap himself.

So he sat in the puddle and slapped himself.

The S.H.A.R.P. skins and redskin, who were both amused and disgusted at the same time, just walked away and left him.

We have no way to confirm whether this story is true, though we tend to believe our friend. Gaio himself actually denies that it happened, or at least happened as it was described to us. We don't know when the incident is alleged to have happened in the first place.

What we do know is that Gaio really, really hates being called Puddles.


bigcitylib said...

Nazi Mom and Nazi Dad case got settled! Get on it! Don't be indolent!

Anonymous said...

bastard.. lmao this is mike... out of all shit you have done. I have beeen jumped into a puddle. i got jumped. you guys put flyers on me guess what im still here. you mother fuckers ran so fast when we came down to see you LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

Just gotta tell you there's a bunch of errors in your story on Gaio...This incident occurred after he and his boyfriend Eric Sheridan were spotted at a metal show on Queen St. Someone stood at the door and called out his name to double-check his identity. Being the idiot that he is, he turned around, verifying that it was indeed the midget bonehead of lore.He was promptly plucked out of the club, pushed into a cold,muddy puddle of melted snow and told to never show his face on Queen st. again. A single, hard slap across the face, much like the kind used to discipline an insolent child, was given him to underline the seriousness of his warning. After this he loitered in front of the club in the middle of the road,almost getting hit by a couple of streetcars as he tearfully called out for Eric to come out. After I'm sure were the longest 20 minutes of this little loser's life, Sheridan came out, had a look at the crowd laughing and pointing at his cousin and promptly whisked him back to the relative comfort of their little suburb.When they got to the safety of the half a kilometre away mark it appeared Eric asserted his italo-aryan supremacy by yelling out some sort of swear word while still keeping up the brisk jog back to the subway. There weren't any s.h.a.r.p.s in the group of people focusing on these losers at the show. It was all antifascist red skinheads... We may not be that well known because we are all grown ass men who have better things to do than make patches and start facebook groups. Incidently, our age is what kept this teenager from being turned into hamburger...for some of us, an extreme act of aggression on this nazi toddler could have been construed as 'child abuse'. A few years on and he may just be ready for a steel-toed 'deflowering'. This kid was extracted from the show not because he 'tried to cause trouble', but because he is a known bonehead. Waiting for them to start shit is UNACCEPTABLE. There was no 'group' confronting this kid it was a single person. As romantic as the 'us vs. them' mentality of internet antifa is, sometimes it only really takes just one person to be effective. Exactly a week after this incident I ran into these kids and their sweaty girlfriends by MYSELF at a subway stop and they didn't do shit but stare nervously side to side when they weren't staring at their shoes. They obviously knew they would be OVERPOWERed. HAHAHAHA

Love the Blog keep up the good fight A.r.c.!

Anonymous said...

Want another Gaio story? I heard this one a few years ago from a few folks and had a great laugh. Here goes...

Lil' Mikey Gaio had posters identifying him as a nazi put up all over his hood back in the summer of 2007. While antifa were talking to neighbours and plastering pictures of his ugly mug onto nearby utility poles, his little brother came running out of their home to yell and scream at the crew. As the story goes, he was asked to go fetch Mike, and then he disappeared. Oh, it should be noted that he was apparently wearing an Eminem shirt (kinda funny).

Anyway, when he came back out of their home he was with someone, but it wasn't Mikey. Mikey stayed inside to hide, but sent someone else out in his place. Take a guess. Think of what could be the most embarrassing thing that any self-respecting bonehead would want to avoid.

It was Mikey's mommy!

So, baby Gaio and mommy Gaio went nuts right in the street, throwing their arms up and ripping down posters (even though the posters specifically said not to bother his family, and only to let Mike know what you think about his racist ways). They started running around in circles, absolutely perplexed about what to do. Folks had a chuckle and then decided it would just be best to leave, and went on their way. Honestly, I kinda feel for his family for having that filthy little bigot around. Oh well, he's a grown man - they can boot him out when they want to I guess.

Anonymous said...

so i saw that reitmeir & hibler r an item now. rofl i wonder how theyr gonna get jobs since they both have face tattoos now lol what a futur for the white race hah

faithless said...

just thought id post this info. im sure you already know, but it looks like john marleau is out and about. he was spotted around steven ave. unless theres another big mother fucker with face tats and c-18 on his neck.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. We thought the Vinland Hammerskins roughed up Giao. Now it was just one guy? I sense a made for TV movie here, drama queens.