Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winnipeg Nazi Mom and Nazi Dad Loose Case

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We wonder how Paulie will respond?

Foster care approved for kids in neo-Nazi case

Last Updated: Thursday, February 11, 2010 | 1:23 PM CT

The Manitoba government has won permanent guardianship of two children whose parents were accused of teaching them neo-Nazi beliefs.

A Court of Queen's Bench judge has ordered that the boy and girl remain in the custody of Child and Family Services (CFS), which has placed them in foster care with a relative.

The court also dismissed a constitutional challenge from the father, who argued the government violated his right to raise the children according to his beliefs. He is the stepfather of the girl, now nine, and the biological father of the boy, now four years old.

To protect the identities of the children, no one involved in the case can be named.

The children were removed from their home in 2008 after the girl showed up at her elementary school with racist writings and symbols on her skin.

The government agency argued the children were emotionally harmed and were also being raised in squalor and suffering from neglect.

Girl described how to kill: social worker

During the trial of the custody issue last year, social workers testified the girl had said her parents hated people who were not white and talked of racial violence.

Social workers testified she used racial epithets to describe blacks, Asians, aboriginals and other minorities. One worker told the court the girl calmly described how black people could be killed with a ball and chain.

The father admitted to using Nazi salutes and telling the children that only white people belong in Canada. But he told the court his beliefs do not amount to racism and he never preached violence.

The mother, who now lives in another province, attended court infrequently, saying she could not afford the travel. In June, she testified that her estranged husband wasn't fit to be a parent, saying he was a heavy drinker and had been suicidal.

She also accused social workers of putting words in her daughter's mouth and said she never preached hatred to her children. The mother testified she wanted to co-operate with CFS officials in an effort to one day regain custody.

At one point, the mother appeared in court in shackles after being charged with a number of fraud-related crimes.

Appeals planned

In an email to CBC News on Thursday, the mother said she supported the decision not to grant custody to the father, but does not support a permanent order. She intends to appeal the decision.

"I deny any allegation of abandonment and will state that based on the judge's writings that she had made up her mind prior to the final arguments," she wrote.

"If she had paid attention to the evidence as opposed to [hearsay] from third parties speaking for a child that had no voice at the trial [and who were] never present in my home, then I believe her decision would be different.

"This is communism, state-sanctioned theft of children to punish their parents based solely on an alleged belief system. The social workers have stated that it is not their job to investigate the accusations through evidence, that [hearsay] is all that they need.

"Apparently the judge was in agreement with that. I am already working on my appeal."

The father's lawyer said they will review the judge's decision and plan an appeal. She described her client as being "very disappointed" with the verdict.

The father immediately loses any visitation rights with the children. Up until Thursday, he was allowed one supervised two-hour visit a week with them.

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Anonymous said...

While I wouldn't really wish the foster care system on any kids, it sounds like in this situation it'll be better for the kids than the alternative.

This would be pathetically funny if it weren't for the children involved; instead it's just sad. Boneheads talk about the future of their race and whatever, but when it comes to actually taking care of that future, they're irresponsible fuckups, just like they are in everything they try, and they blame people of other races because they can't accept responsibility for their actions.

Anonymous said...

No matter what the issues prior to this case, Nazi Mom made it clear she does not care. Any judge would look at any woman and say the same thing. White, black, asian.... you moved provinces away and never attended court to show you love your children, care for your children or would do anything for your children. Then you stole from your own mother. If you were going to steal at a time like this, I hate to say, I would hope it would be to get to your children and court cases. Sounds horrible, but at least there is reasoning of some logical sorts. Not stealing thousands to run off with a guy and get drunk constantly.

Why do you think you have a right to be a mother if you do not know what it takes and cannot be bothered to fight to have your children in your life? I could never imagine having a mother who turned her back and only gave a shit when convenient. Those children are going to grow up wondering what they did wrong because Nazi Mom is a selfish child who only makes statements and appearances when she feels it benifits her.

As for Nazi Dad, he has at least somewhat tried to stay out of the media and not make this about him. Not to say he hasn't completely screwed up as well. I almost feel bad that Nazi Mom took him down with her.

Dr.Dawg said...

I had to laugh when I heard that skank on CBC uesterday, explaining that she couldn't have been a "bad parent" as alleged because she wasn't around the kids enough to be one!

White pride. Good grief.

AuntieFa said...

Typically, Nazi mom has difficulty accepting that her and daddio's series of poor decisions ultimately led to this situation. It is unlikely an appeal would serve to anything more here than continue to make a mockery of the parents. There is a clear pattern: racist does something dumb, the hand of the law swoops down, and suddenly we have a victim of a worldwide conspiracy to wipe out the white race. The white nationalists essentially create the vicious circle they claim to be victims of. Again, back to the hamster wheel.

I think Daryle Lamont Jenkins said it best: Hate has consequences.

AuntieFa said...

Kind of an afterthought here. Nazi mom claims to be parting ways with the WN community, a claim made previously. Although I'm 50/50 on the subject, the possibility does exist that these events could encourage some personal growth with this individual. Extreme events have a funny way of bringing about positive change. It does remain to be seen (and admittedly a longshot), but if this individual truly wants to break away from the WN scene it should be supported if and when the time comes. Likewise if this individual chooses to continue wallowing within the racist scene she should continue being the focus of ARC articles. It is in fact my greatest wish for every racist to shed themselves of their baggage and start living again. It is possible. Just some food for thought, a departure from my usual hardline stance.

Anonymous said...

I dont think this case is wether the mom is a nazi or not....fact remains, is that if you're raising a child and your beliefs arent popular...your kids will be removed from your care. Think about it as there are many people out there who are for example pot growers or satanists, etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

Nazi Mom's claims that she's leaving the WN scene are 100% bullshit... her racist posts on Paul Fromm's anti-Haiti group are proof enough of that. Of course, no anti-racist wants people to remain racist, but leaving the scene means a clean break. No fencewalking. No private, quiet racism. She may decide to be less vocal or to hang out with different people, which would be good for her personally... but support from anti-racists also requires commitment to anti-racism. If you've spent part of your life as an active hater, you owe society something back. I agree with the sentiment of your post (AuntiFa)... just don't see it happening with Nazi Mom. Hope I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

I don't even know where to start... you have the bias of the media on your side of the spectrum, what the press fails to print are my reasonings behind moving to Quebec in the first place, the #1 reason being the DPJ does not interfere on the lives of families based solely on an assumed political belief whether you agree with it or not, The entire time I spent in QC I spent talking to the DPJ, and to the Investigative unit of the Child Protection Branch. My ex, was a loser, yes. And I worked too much because of it, I have accepted that, so I have therefore accepted the blame for my children not always being properly cared for, but I had an amazing neighbor, and a fantastic baby sitter who would on a regular basis check in on things while I was at work. That neighbor would come over and read to my son, he would play with him he did more for him then his father did, yes. But I knew he was there, so I had no reason to worry.
What you don't understand is that every job I had (after the fact) was terminated due to an anonymous call informing my employer of exactly who and what I was portrayed to be. That is immediate interference, how would you feel if someone randomly called up your employer and accused you of being a left wing extremist? How do you think your employer would react? How would you feel if your own mother was helping them? How would you feel if your own mother was telling lies about you? If you had no other option but to steal rather than go hungry and homeless what would you do? I have admitted some guilt to the credit card fraud, but I handed the card over to my ex so I wouldn't touch the card while in NYC, during that 3 week period (in which I wasn't allowed to see my children) he rang up approx $18 000 I had no idea of how far it had gone until I was arrested for it.
The issue of my daughter's attendance in school was addressed and dismissed, they had continued to count absences AFTER she was apprehended.
If you're interested in the reason for CFS denying my access to my own children, it's because I gave them each a t-shirt from THRASHER magazine... CFS claims THRASHER to be a WP mag, we all have knowledge enough to know that, that is complete and utter bullshit!!!
I think your opinions are interesting, and as I believe in freedom of speech I won't ask you to STFU, as I very well could seeing as though you clearly do not have your facts right... maybe you should have read through all the court documents instead of referring everything you heard to what the media is reporting...
What I did was stupid, immature and wrong. But I made a mistake. I challenge every single one of you to honestly say you have never done something stupid, immature or have never made a mistake.

Anonymous said...

a great, albeit very sad, case study in why racism and all other forms of hatred destroy everyone involved.

Anonymous said...

To the very blatant person who is obviously nazi-mom:
Yes, we all have made mistakes. The difference between you and us is that we do not continue to make them. It's difficult to exit a cycle once you are in one, however, it is not impossible. When something as important as this comes up someone must be willing to do almost anything to make amends (and I don't mean move a couple of provinces away and continue to screw around like we all damn-well know you've been doing). You've proven through your actions on the internet (a very public thing) that you're not willing to do anything. Your words are just as empty as that loony Goudreau's.

Anonymous said...

you can dabble in drugs & can't dabble in hate.
Nazi Mom....I know you are entitled to your opinions etc but doing that to your kids is an unforgivable act. Sucks to be you!
Teaching kids how to hate is WRONG!
As they grow they should be able to make up their own minds whether to be racist etc and NOT have it shoved down their throats like you and your partner CLEARLY did!

Anon said...

"To the very blatant person who is obviously nazi-mom:
Yes, we all have made mistakes. The difference between you and us is that we do not continue to make them."

Well, cheers to the born-again righteous saint who hasn't and never will sin again since he or she's been converted to living in the light by new revelations... LOL
Speak for yourself! 'Not the rest of "Us." Who's "Us" anyway?

Get over yourself. You're both dumb.