Thursday, February 04, 2010

Update on W.E.B., the Status of March 21, And Something Curious

Well we still haven't been able to find out what they were picked up for, but here is what we do know about the W.E.B. members arrests:

Robert Reitmeier appears to be out of jail. Tyler Sturrup and Kevin Brozny are both still in jail.

We know. Not much. Anyone know more details, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Interestingly, it looks like another bonehead may also be out of jail, or he's given someone else access to his Facebook account. In discussing the "White Pride" march that had been planned for next month (though we had doubts whether they would be able to pull it off given the current troubles of both the Aryan Guard and W.E.B.), John Marleau, or someone on Marleau's Facebook account, posted the following brief message:

So that's it. Let's pour the champagne and celebrate.

Well, maybe not.

There's been something that hasn't been passing the smell test for us here. In the last few weeks we've noticed that there are two more individuals, an administrator and a "coordinator" who are now prominently placed on the Aryan Guard forum list of worker bees:

We know three of the five for certain. "Leto Atreides II" is Bill Noble who no longer considers himself to be an Aryan Guard member but still runs the forum. "Aphrodite" is Natalie and "Hans Krieger" is Rick Rushton. But it's the two other members whom we find the most interesting. The name "Schutz Staffel," who holds the title of "Aryan Guard Coordinator" (whatever that means) is interesting in that it is the name used by Dustyn Johnson:

This of course is of interest considering that Dustyn is a member of the Aryan Guard's bonehead rivals W.E.B. (below pictured on the right with Sturrup and Reitmeier):

And yes, that's real blood. Perhaps we'll post the rest of the pictures later where they smeared it all over the walls of the residence they were/are in.

Also interesting is the newest forum administrator, "Vladimir Tepes." This individual, upon further investigation, also seems to have some association with W..E.B. and is currently impersonating an individual known to anti-racists in Calgary as Joe who frequently comments on our articles.

As we wrote just a little while ago, something isn't passing the smell test here.


Anonymous said...

Ahh the old Nazi fisting initiation.

Notice the shit smeared on his face!!

Anonymous said...

Web is so gross

Anonymous said...

lol, look at this:

Natalie quotes Harry Abrams as saying "I'm not "part of the ARC collective" anymore" When he really said "I'm not "part of the ARC collective" anymore than I was a part of "your collective" when I posted on FD for a time."

Natalie may convince some knuckle-dragging stormfront posters of this "fact" she's "uncovered" by clipping a sentence in half.

AuntieFa said...

It's hard to float in the same toilet bowl and not have an association with your fellow pieces of shit.....

Anonymous said...

If you want to attribute comments to me, do a little digging first and make sure I'm actually the one who is writing them. Nice try though.

ShyChild said...

I can confirm that Kevin Brozny is now out of jail and on the street... having had the mispleasure of seeing him and his girlfriend strolling down Centre St. holding hands this afternoon.