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Hate March Targets Toronto Gay Village

To understand what happened in Toronto this Saturday one should be familiar with Skokie, Illinois. In both 1977 and 1978, the National Socialist Party of America attempted to march in Skokie which was the home of numerous Holocaust survivors. The village government refused to allow NSPA permission to march knowing that it was nothing more than a provocation wrapped up as free speech.

Hmmmm, Rick Boswick hates socialists, but demands socialism in his fast food chicken restaurants (and yes, that is noted Islamophobe, Homophobe, and ironically anti-Christian Ron Banerjee dancing in the background).

And when participants claiming to be Christian shout "degenerates" and "sodomites" at members of the LGBTQ community and others counter-protesting, referring this as a hate march is more than appropriate:

But let's start at the beginning.

Back in early June, David Lynn of Christ's Forgiveness Ministries was charged with causing a disturbance for preaching hateful and homophobic rhetoric in Gay Village - at the beginning of Pride. In video from that incident, Lynn is seeing approaching people on the street, microphone in hand, asking people whether they accept him. When people state they don't wish to talk to him, he calls them bigots.

To Lynn, "tolerance and acceptance" means having to listen to his hateful sermons without complaint. Anything less is "hate and bigotry."

Lynn at the hate march. Photo credit: @StedyPhoto 

Via CP24:
Video posted online shows pastor David Lynn speaking into a microphone at Church and Wellesley streets and saying that he is “coming out as a Christian.” Through nearly two hours of footage, Lynn is seen saying that he doesn’t hate anyone, that some people hate Christians and that some people want him to “stay in the closet” as a Christian. 
He begins approaching various people to ask if they would tolerate him. When one man asks him to go away, Lynn calls him a bigot. When others approach to tell Lynn that he is disturbing them, he calls them “hateful.” 
After more community members arrived, Lynn was seen arguing with them and his supporters, before police eventually arrested Lynn. 
As a result, Lynn made the far-right media circuit, appearing in interviews with Alex Jones, and D-grade "media" hatriots, like Wayne Whine Peters. Unsurprisingly, Lynn also received favourable coverage from The Rebel.

Prior to the march John Tory denounced the hate march which of course led Mutt and Jeff Derek Storie and Rick Boswick to engage in the over the top rhetoric we've come to expect from them. First Storie claimed that Tory's criticism of the marchers was incitement and an act of war (I kid you not, he actually wrote that):

Then Boswick just prior to AND during the hate march impotently threatened to have Tory arrested should he personally be harmed:

Boswick claims that Christians are not allowed to assemble and march which, by the very fact that these bigots are quite literally assembled and marching in his own video sort of puts the lie to his claim.

In case anyone has forgotten what Boswick thinks about the LGBTQ+ community, here's a refresher:

One thing is clear. The organizers of the hate march (a) expected a lot more people to show up than actually did and (b) they're well funded. 

Christ's Forgiveness Ministries, according to their website, is a registered non-profit which operates in Canada, the US, and the UK, with David Lynn as the director.

Figures from put their assets at just over $44,000 and their revenue at $112,228:

Now while not as many showed up as they expected, more showed up than we would have liked.

The march began after the usual misogynistic and homophobic speeches were given to rile up the crowd

They then began their march to the Gay Village, however they were stymied continuously along the way, as a strong counter was organized by the excellent people at The 519 and other community groups:

The police? Well, let's just say they weren't especially helpful:

But the folks counter-protesting didn't let up:

Boswick and Storie were a little upset:

We wonder if Boswick's unhinged ranting about masks should also be applied to his friend Lily:

Again, the police were not especially helpful:

Still, the counter-protesters peacefully stood their ground:

Finally, the hate marchers turned tail:

Counter-protesters holding the line. Credit: @StedyPhoto

Counter-protesters being pushed back. Credit: @StedyPhoto

Love and community will always win. A statement from The 519.

 Derek Storie, Rick Boswick, and Wayne Whine Peters all had live streams from the Christian hate march, and as you can guess, some of the comments were pretty disgusting.

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