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Sunday, November 18, 2018

More Members and Associates of Calgary University and College Conservative Clubs Linked to "Alt-Right" Racist Ideology

Almost the entirety of this article is the result of the hard work of a source who asked to remain anonymous. I would like to thank this individual their hard work over the past several months

Well, I've done an especially lousy job of taking a break.

Since September, I and others have become increasingly aware of a rot in some of the conservative student clubs in Calgary universities and colleges. The start of this revelation learning more about Jake Findell who (along with another individual) was caught in the act of flyering for ID Canada which was formerly known as Generation Identity Canada:

He was also one of the participants in the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam rally on June 3, 2017:

It soon turned out that he also connected to UofC campus conservative politics. Findell, along with Keean Bexte, supported the hate group FireForce Ventures which was presented as an online military surplus store specializing in items from the former state of Rhodesia but which seemed also to serve as a front for the dissemination of racist ideologies. The news site "Ricochet" initially broke the story focusing on active members of the military, however it also became apparent that one member also had links to the current leader of Alberta's Official Opposition:

Adam Strashok (who also posted online as "Alexei Kuznetsov") ran Jason Kenney's call center during his campaign to become leader of the United Conservative Party. Strashok was also active in UofC campus conservative groups, including the Wild Rose and the Conservative Club. Strashok was also one of the founders of the University of Calgary Firearms Association along with Henry Lung (Lung was also a partner in FireForce Ventures):

Well it turns out that Findell, Bexte, and Strashok were not the only people associated with Calgary campus conservatives, past and current, who are involved in far-right politics:

The image above is of the WCAI anti-Muslim event from June 3, 2017. I published it in a few articles already (I'm assuming Findell might have been the one to conceal the face of the individual on the right). However I later learned the identities of the other three members whose faces can be seen:

Full disclosure. The bulk of the research for this article (and I mean 90% to 95%) was done by an individual who wishes to remain anonymous but to whom I and others owe a great deal of gratitude.

Word of warning. This is a very long post with a lot of screen shots to back up the statements made.

With that, let's take a closer look at these gentlemen, shall we?

Mitchell Aschenbrenner

 Currently attends University of Calgary, studies chemistry according to his Facebook page

Connor, Vincent, Matt, Nikolay, and "Alexei" (Adam Strashok) are all discussed in this article.

 Vice-President Communications for the U of C Firearms Association

 Made a reference to neo-Nazi James Mason’s Siege, the text that serves as an ideological basis for Atomwaffen Division.

 Posted a number of incel memes, one featuring Elliot Rodger, in the weeks following the Toronto van attack.

 Shared a post promoting Dave Martel’s book. Martel runs the alt-right Mad American Network.

 Attended WCAI rally on June 3, 2017 along with Jake Findell, Matt Linder, Connor Langdon, and others in Calgary. In video footage taken of the event Aschenbrenner can be heard to be shouting:
  • “You can’t run, you can’t hide, you get a helicopter ride!” 
  • “Marxist freaks off our streets!” 
  • “Death is a preferable alternative to communism!” 
  • “Better dead than red!” 
  • “Marxist scum your day will come!” 
  • “you can’t run, you can’t hide, commies get a helicopter ride!”
 Is Facebook friends with Devon Mannix.

 Other relevant posts:

      Connor Langdon

       AKA Connor Grey, Connor Kali Grey
       Likes “read SIEGE” on Facebook; neo-Nazi James Mason’s Siege being the text that serves as an ideological basis for Atomwaffen Division.

       Langdon is “Friends” with neo-Nazi Dan Kleve on Facebook. Kleve attended Unite the Right with Vanguard America alongside alleged terrorist James Fields. Kleve has also posed with members of Atomwaffen Division.

       The “Likes” section of Langdon’s Facebook page includes the following (and more):
      • Fascism Forever Club
      • The Right Stuff
      • The Alt Reich
      • Mussolini’s Pizzeria of Ethnic Tolerance
      • Fashy News Network
      • Humans of the American Reich
      • Incel Gang
      • Counter-semites United
      • Baked Alaska
      • The Fashy Arab
      • Folkstorm

       Posted an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory about Jews using “opioids to control populations they perceive as threats,” which drew a lengthy and anti-Semitic comment thread.

       Langdon is evidently a huge fan of Sam Hyde, the alt-right adjacent comedian. As such, he may be behind painting ”Sam Hyde” over the pride flag on the U of C campus “rock”: Symbols celebrating Pride vandalized at University of Calgary.

       Is Facebook friends with Devon Mannix.

       Other relevant posts:

      Matt Linder

       AKA John Balter
       Currently attends Mount Royal University
       Member of MRU Campus Conservatives Club

       Linder is “Friends” with Joshua Seidel, Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman, Don Sharpe (President of Alberta JDL), and WCAI’s Joey Deluca on Facebook

       Linder “Follows” Lauren Southern, Paul Joseph WatsonChristopher Cantwell, Augustus Invictus, Pax Dickinson, Brad Salzberg (Founder of CAP) on Facebook

       The “Reviews” section of Linder’s Facebook includes a review for “The Unz Review” wherein Linder praises its right wing columnists for being “in the same league as Taki Mag.” Taki Mag is an alt-right publication, former home to Richard Spencer as its managing editor.

       The “Likes” section of Linder’s Facebook page includes the following (and more):

       Commented on a WCAI post on the eve of their June 3, 2017 rally, writing “joining you guys tomorrow, bring out the strength” and “Western Countries for Western Culture”

      That is ADORABLE Matt!

       Past Facebook profile pictures include:
      • Germany's 1933-1935 war ensign (Iron Cross)
      • Roman Empire Senate and People of Rome Flag
      • Alberta Alt-Right Flag
      • “The only good communist is a dead communist”

       Was the subject of a story concerning his wearing of the Trump "MAGA" hat on campus; the woman who wanted him to remove his hat was later subjected to a barrage of threats.

       Has posted on Alt-Right Alberta concerning an attack on a mosque. 

       Other relevant posts:

      Linder with Findell 

      There's also more on Jake Findell.

      Jake Logan Findell

       Currently attends University of Calgary

       Associated with ID Canada hate group and caught flyering for the group on UofC campus.

       Findell is “Friends” with neo-Nazi Dan Kleve on Facebook. Kleve attended Unite the Right with Vanguard America alongside alleged terrorist James Fields. Kleve has also posed with members of Atomwaffen Division.

       Findell is also “Friends” with Alberta white supremacist Devon Mannix on Facebook, including posting an anti-Semitic image in a comment thread on Mannix’s page

       The “Reviews” section of Findell’s Facebook page includes 5-star reviews for Red Ice, FireForce Ventures, and Skip's Fish n Chips.

       The “Likes” section of Findell’s Facebook page includes the following (and more):
      • White supremacist podcast host James Allsup
      • Anti-Semitic GOP Congressional candidate Paul Nehlen
      • White nationalist Richard Spencer

       In a tweet from June 23, 2016, Findell takes credit for connecting Cathy Princess (host of the Fash Britannia podcast on The Right Stuff Radio) to Lana Lokteff (host on Red Ice TV)

       Retweeted David Duke’s defense of Milo Yiannopoulos

       Retweeted American Vanguard poster featuring a white couple above text that reads “WE HAVE A RIGHT TO EXIST”

       Tweeted “Tim Kaine is a great example of why all Irish Catholics should be put to death” in response to Kaine’s Vice Presidential debate with Mike Pence.

       Other relevant tweets and retweets.

      You know what they say about people who live in glass houses, eh Jake?

      Findell also posted comments (and "liked" a "White Pride Worldwide" image) for a photo of himself and another person:

      ARC had this image, but I was never able to find out who it was. However, the anonymous source was more dogged in his pursuit than I was:

      Vincent Laanstra

       AKA Vincent De Vries, Lieuwe Siebe Veenstra
       Currently attends SAIT, studies Business Administration according to his LinkedIn page

       The “Likes” section of Laanstra’s Facebook page includes the following (and more):

       He has also "liked" posts on the ID Canada Facebook group.

         Laanstra is “Friends” with Alberta white supremacist Devon Mannix on Facebook. Laanstra once “loved” a Mannix profile picture that used an “I Support Open Borders for Israel” frame and commented, “you get fashier with every photo.” Laanstra has also “liked” Mannix posts praising Golden Dawn, Traditionalist Worker Party, and American Nazi Party founder George Lincoln Rockwell.

         In an interesting response to a post on Facebook by a co-founder of the U of C Firearms Association, asking friends to “describe how we met only using a GIF,” Laanstra posted a Hitler GIF.

         Other relevant posts:

        Another character that I and the anonymous source constantly came across was this fella:

        Nikolay Denisov

         Currently attends University of Calgary, studies philosophy according to his Facebook page
         Social Media Director for the U of C Firearms Association

         Member of U of C Campus Conservatives according to his LinkedIn page
         Had an “it’s okay to be white” profile picture on Facebook

         Made a “14” post on Facebook that is likely a reference to the 14 words

        I also have a feeling that "HH" refers to another person, brother!

         The “Likes” section of Denisov’s Facebook page includes the following (and more):
        • FireForce Ventures
        • Expunge Cultural Marxism
        • Smash Cultural Marxism
        • The Warden Post
        • Neighborhood Nationalist, The Snarky Nationalist

        I should note that another character posting as "Ioannis Nicodemous" is also someone who our source and I have come across very frequently in relation to the folks already profiled:

        If anyone has any information about this cat, I'd be most interested in hearing from you.

        The remaining screen shots include instances of these individuals interacting with one another, both online and off:


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        elderly autistic woman pesters college sophomores on her cranky old blog

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        Bah! I'm not elderly! I'm a cynical GenXer thankyouverymuch!

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        Lmao, there is so much I know about these guys that you don’t know, this barely scratches the surface

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