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Monday, October 22, 2018

Ontario 2018 Civic Election

I've been watching "Murdoch Mysteries".

Anything interesting happening? ;)

Okay, okay!


Let's start with Faith Goldy. She is currently a very distant third place with 24,852 or 3.39% of the vote. On the one hand it is disappointing that many people voted for her, she doesn't seem likely to break 4% and given her name recognition when associated with "Sun News" and later "Rebel Media" perhaps this shouldn't be a surprise. It also is likely to be the high point in her political career, such that it ever was.

I'm a glass half full sort of person

Other fascists have performed much worse. Chris Brosky running under Don Andrew's Nationalist Party of Canada banner is currently sitting at 2,694 (0.37%) while James Sears of the neo-Nazi rag "Your Ward News" has an emasculating 657 (0.09%) of the vote.


Oh, Paulie.... why do you continue to subject yourself to this humiliation. Oh, I know there must be some sort of financial angle, but still, 298 (0.59%) has got to hurt.


In terms of the percentage of the vote, Kevin "the Poodle" Johnston is doing the best. As of this writing he has 2,201, or 13.3% of the vote with 309 polling stations out of 692 reporting. It doesn't look however as if there was much of a serious challenge to Bonnie Crombie who is running away with the election and will win a second term so perhaps given his self-promotion Johnston was able to get people to park their vote with him?

UPDATE: Since Brosky, Sears, and Fromm are non-entities, I'll just look at Goldy and Johnston.

With 465 polls out of 692 (67.2%) reporting, Johnston has 12,877 votes, or 13.4% of the total. He had been as high at 13.6%. Given he totaled a little over 700 votes total in 2014, I admit this is a bit of a surprise. I can think of some reasons to explain some of this (name recognition, the only person other than Crombie who ran in 2014, etc) but this is still a significant number for a man who is facing hate crime charges, at least one lawsuit for (I believe) defamation, and who isn't known to be particularly truthful. Still, this might be the high point of the man's life as he faces a criminal trial in a short time.

In Toronto, Goldy 25,576 votes or 3.4% with 1794 of 1800 polling stations reporting. I had spoken with friends and suggested she had an outside chance of between 3% to 5%, though I could have seen her getting less. Given the size of Toronto even that small percentage looks like a bigger number than anyone would like to see.

Still, rather than celebrating, her allies are actually quite upset including the man who coined the term "alt-right":

You see, her former alt-right supporters aren't happy that she began aligning herself with the JDL and Meir Weinstein or with non-white ethnic groups in order to broaden her base. Given her views it was a rather cynical and ultimately fruitless effort, but it did result in the rupturing of her previous relationships as evidenced by Richard Spencer's current tweet storm:

Which isn't to say that there aren't those who dispute Spencer's perspective:

What I am interested in though is what Canadian alt-right figures such as "Cracker Jack" (aka "Jack Tyler"), other members of ID Canada, and her supporters have to say about Ms. Goldy. I'll be posting an article on that soon, but if this tweet is to be believed there is already dissension in the ranks of Goldy's campaign:

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