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Public Urination and The Fallout From The Protests in Calgary and Ottawa

Now that I have your attention....

Joey De Luca, Jesse Wielenga, Devon Mannix. and Ryan Dean have been basking in the glow of what they believe to have been a wildly successful protest at Calgary City Hall this past Saturday:

Yes, a huge success.... despite the fact that the location they situated themselves in and the presence of anti-fascists and other protesters resulted in their message reaching only those already in the choir.

Hey, beggars can't be choosers.

They also appear to have an inflated sense of their own importance:


They were certainly crowing about their perceived success not long after the protest when a bunch of them decided to stop at a nearby service station. Wielenga decided to record this historic moment for posterity and published it on YouTube, meaning he actually thought this dumpster fire presented them in a positive light (and yes, I know I spelled "Canadian" wrong in the introduction, but I'm cranky and tired so.... yeah):

Yep, that is WCAI founder Joey De Luca taking a piss behind a service station (which I presume likely has a toilet inside) in the middle of the day, all on video,

You know, as one would do.

But that's sort of burying the lead a bit. The bit that is most important is Wielenga's slip at the end about protecting white Europeans. I mean, I thought they weren't racists?

Devon Mannix who was also in attendance and who spoke at the protest has never been particularly subtle about his brand of white nationalism however:

Well, they certainly might be crushed by Joey

I know, I know! I'm not proud of myself, but if they insist on making fun of people's appearance....

.... then I say fuck 'em. :)

And while some decided to stroke his already undeservedly healthy ego....

.... one was less adoring:

Wait, check out the "fake news" to verify the number of protesters? Talk about cognitive dissonance.

And a "fucking warrior" is he?

Well then, I'm sure he'll be enlisting to head overseas to fight ISIS any day now.

No? That's fair. I mean, it's far more courageous to protest in a safe and democratic country while claiming that it is a tyrannical dystopia because brown people have the vote.

But then I suppose we all have our crosses to bear.

You know, I made an observation to a few friends recently. It is really hard to take groups like WCAI seriously. They are almost parodies of boorish bigots. If someone tried to audition for a part in a movie about boorish bigots and acted like this, they would be told to tone it down because their performance wouldn't be believable.

But to be sure, while they might not national movement they claim to be, they can prove to be dangerous to individuals. ARC received the following information from a friend who was in attendance with accompanying photos:
I'm not sure if you noticed that some of the III%ers seemed a little too spry to be walking with canes. I got a closer look, and they were arc-angel stun canes. 
By the end some of them were opening carrying stun batons, and would occasionally set them off as an audible intimidation tactic. Attached are a few photos of the canes in question.

One thing that these groups seem to obsess about though is the numbers they are able to attract, claiming the numbers published by the msm are often purposely under reported. WCAI is no exception:

The problem with this is we can actually see the people who are there and.... you know.... count.

Jason Devine and others unaffiliated with any of the protesters have consistently and independently put the number of anti-Muslim protesters at between 70 and 80 people compared to about 40 counter-protesters. But the real numbers are never enough for these folks.

Which now brings me to Ottawa and the 5,000 anti-Trudeau, anti-Muslim, pro-Trump protesters who traveled to Ottawa under the "One Million Canadian March Against Trudeau."

Well, 5,000 people according to the august media institutions known as The Daily Caller and Breitbart:

"... fake news telling them stories that just aren't true."

I couldn't agree more.

One thing I can't help noticing is that no matter how many times Mike Waine, Ronny Cammeron, and Steven Alexander Gregory John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt Myatt are asked about the numbers who attended, they don't seem to want to tell anyone.

Arthur Smitherman comes the closest to admitting that the march wasn't quite the march it wanted to be:

Brad Salzberg is polishing a giant turd, as the pictorial evidence shows that the Ottawa protest bombed badly:

Here's another shot of the crowd (no time stamp however):

The online publication iPolitics puts it far more bluntly:
City police call B.S. on Breitbart report of massive pro-Trump Hill rally 
....Ottawa Police Const. Marc Soucy confirmed a protest was planned for Parliament Hill. He said he couldn’t confirm the numbers but estimated the crowd was “less than 100.” 
“It wasn’t 5,000,” Soucy told iPolitics, adding he was downtown Saturday and didn’t notice any large protest. 
....A rally for lyme disease awareness, organized by VOCAL Ottawa, was also planned for Saturday. That event ran from 1 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. local time. About 250 to 300 people attended that event, Rusk said. 

Not to be deterred, the organizers of the Ottawa walk on the grass march have moved on to other projects, such as talking about forming militias,

harassing a journalist based on the erroneous belief that he is providing ARC with information,

and getting kicked not one pub....

.... but two.

You know, as much as you folks like to believe that this past weekend was a show of strength, the evidence proves otherwise.

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Unknown said...

I felt that the Rally in Ottawa was well marketed on a shoestring budget, the real turnout on Saturday was close 200 (not bad...about what I expected...there should have been a lot more), the speakers were patriotically articulate and passionately excellent! It's a start!