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Sunday, June 11, 2017

WCAI Continuing to Make Friends and Influence People

In a previous article, ARC discussed the reactions to both the Toronto and Calgary "Million Canadian" marches that both fell 999,000+ short of a million. In that article was included a video featuring Bernard "the Roughneck" Hancock whom ARC described as an actor:

In truth, the characterization wasn't intended to be pejorative and I do believe that his public persona (particularly his first appearance in Ottawa wearing a hard hat, coveralls, and covered with grime from "work" in the oil patch was a bit of performance art) does include an element of acting in that anyone appearing in front of an audience is "acting" in a sense, Mr. Hancock rejects this characterization:
I'm not an actor. I've acted in one play in university (at the request of a friend and to raise funds for the Eaton Corner Historical Society) and I was Baby John in West Side Story back in grade 9. I've worked on and off on service rigs since 2006. It's completely unfair for you to call me an actor in a lame attempt to discredit me. Even David Chlamydia and Kikki Planet have had to retract falsehoods and concede that yes, in fact, I am who I say I am. If you indeed stand with me against racism and intolerance, and you are appreciative that someone in the conservative movement is calling these groups out for what they are, I would be much obliged if you would correct the falsehood in your video. I hope this page is about shining a light on racism, and not just a veiled attempt to delegitimize people you disagree with politically. Thank you in advance.  
N. Bernard Hancock
If Mr. Hancock believes that ARC's characterization of him in this regard is unfair, I have no problem not doing so should he be mentioned in the future. And despite this writer's fundamental disagreements with him on a host of issues, I can at least agree with Mr. Hancock, based on what I heard from his speech in Edmonton, that attacking an identifiable group (Muslims) because of the heinous actions of some individuals is unjustifiably bigoted and hateful, as well as the poisonous nature of the groups he alludes to and who he mentions by name.

One of those groups, the Canadian Combat Coalition which is allied with WCAI, saw the video of Mr. Hancock's speech and reacted with grace and dignity, accepting what was a rather mild rebuke as constructive criticism.

Or Ryan Dean, the CCC head honcho, cried and gnashed his teeth:

I mean, either way, right?

If there's one thing we and others who follow the antics of the WCAI, CCC, and allied groups and individuals, it is that they are PROFOUNDLY thin skinned. And criticism of them and their views is met with often incredibly over the top rage that anyone would dare talk or write about them in such a way. This in part due to the arrogance of the WCAI and CCC who actually, truly, believe that they are somehow a significant movement.

And their anger of course isn't just directed towards ARC, "antifa" members, and anti-racist groups and individuals who are naturally inclined to reject and be critical of them. The WCAI and CCC go after groups and individuals who would be natural allies, such as the Canadian Coalition of Concerned Citizens (CCCC):

De Luca's reaction to this? Simply dismissive:

Well, it would appear that others have decided that Joey De Luca, the WCAI, and allied groups are poisonous and have started speaking out about them.

Take, for example Dennis Doerksen, no stranger to the acrimonious relationships and who was fairly recently maligned by De Luca (posting as "Stu Gotz) in what looks to be a frame-up job by WCAI, for example.

The subsequent discussion was also interesting:

Doerksen also claims to be speaking for others as well:

On another site, Mick Jefferson sounds the alarm about the June 24 "Mega Rally" set for Calgary:

Now I don't know how much stock one should put in Doerksen's claims, but if he's even partially correct, June 24 might not be the "Mega event" De Luca and company believe it will be.

And in the meantime, it looks like there's some dissension even from within:

Well, despite also not being actors, I have to say that Joey De Luca, Jesse Wielenga, and Ryan Dean (among others) are certainly putting on an interesting performance.

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